• Sheepshead gang up on the rocks along state-line areas like Little River this time of year.


    Brackish Bowties make perfect Christmas gifts for outdoorsmen

    It’s December, and that means we’re all on the lookout for Christmas gifts for our favorite outdoorsmen and women. And while some folks think you can just grab any handful of fishing lures or hunting accessories to wrap up and stash under the tree, most true sportsman already have plenty of those things.

    November 27 at 1:47pm

    Expert tips on catching Keowee's bass in cold weather

    The period between Halloween and Thanksgiving is one of the favorite times of the year on Lake Keowee for guide Brad Fowler of Pendleton.

    October 31 at 11:22am

    Big redfish to return?

    For the past several years, a run of bull red drum has been steadily increasing in the ocean in Long Bay, which extends from North Carolinas Cape Fear to South Carolina’s Cape Romain. The big concentration began around Little River Inlet 10 to 15 years ago and has since extended north to Frying Pan Shoals off Cape Fear. 

    October 31 at 11:58am

    White Cross hunter kills massive 8-point trophy in Orange County

    Jim Andrews has kept tabs on a massive 8-point buck on his Orange County, N.C., hunting land for quite a while. Early on the afternoon of Nov. 28, his patience and experience managing his herd and providing premium habitat paid off in a big way when the 155-inch buck stepped out in plain sight, giving him a killing shot.

    November 29 at 3:31pm

    Catch more redfish in the Pawleys Island surf

    By November, many anglers have stored their fishing gear and won’t take it out until the spring, opting for hunting, football or cozying up by the fire drinking hot chocolate, but this is a great month for all types of fishing, including surf-fishing.

    October 31 at 1:01pm

    NCWRC to re-open South Mountains Game Land on Nov. 30

    The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission will re-open South Mountains Game Land at sunrise on Nov. 30.

    Officials had closed the game land, which encompasses more than 21,000 acres in Burke, Cleveland, McDowell and Rutherford counties, on Nov. 16 because of wildfires.

    November 29 at 12:12pm

    Lure Review: Stanley’s Poppn’ Toad

    Stanley’s Poppn’ Toad, a hollow body soft-plastic frog with a pronounced cup in the nose, is going places.

    November 29 at 9:00am

    How to catch more stripers and largemouth at Buggs Island

    Guide Joel Richardson of Kernersville, N.C., said he’d rather fish Kerr Reservoir, aka Buggs Island, for largemouth bass and stripers in November than just about any other body of water. Not only are the two species active, but they can often be found feeding together in shallow water.

    October 31 at 10:03am

    Top tips for catching Swansboro's trout this time of year

    By November, most menhaden and finger mullet have left North Carolina’s sounds and headed through inlets to the warmer waters of the nearshore ocean.

    October 31 at 9:27am

    Catch more striped bass with the right bait at the right depth

    November can stack up to be one of the best months for stripers at North Carolina’s Lake Hickory, according to guide Colt Bass of Colt Bass Fishing. 

    October 31 at 11:51am

    Making things go boom

    In all its infinite wisdom, the U.S. Army determined after basic training at Ft. Polk, La., that I needed to be bussed to Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. — a multi-use base about 50 miles from St. Louis — where I would receive advanced individual training (AIT) in my Army skill.

    November 23, 2014 at 9:00am

    Age bucks correctly without doing any ground checking

    From the most-prestigious universities to the southern hunter’s armchair recliner, wildlife-management strategies vary tremendously. Over the past three decades, deer-management regimes have blossomed into a newfound order, with hunters honing their harvest to develop a mature buck with larger and more expansive headgear. The key component of trophy deer management is age; hunters need to learn to age bucks on the hoof in order to truly make harvest decisions in the tree stand. 

    November 15, 2015 at 7:00am

    Drift with your outboard in reverse

    William Attaway does do some things differently from most fishermen on Lake Monticello, which is one reason he catches a lot of fish. One tactic he often employs when drift-fishing is to use his big outboard motor, in reverse, to keep the boat exactly where he wants as he works around humps, crops and points.

    November 15, 2014 at 6:00am

    Angier huntress kills big 14-point trophy buck

    With a knee surgery scheduled for early December, Mary Morgan of Angier had been spending as much time as possible trying to bag a trophy buck before her hunting season is cut short. 

    November 23 at 7:52pm

    Teen hunter kills 220-pound trophy in Guilford County

    Jaden Williams, a 13-year-old from Belews Creek, has big shoes to fill. His dad killed a 22-point buck last year that was one of the biggest bucks killed in North Carolina during the 2015 season. But the youth hunter took a big step in following those footsteps last week with his own trophy buck, a 7-point, 130-incher he killed in Guilford County.

    November 23 at 7:16pm

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