• Anglers heading out of Charleston can find plenty of dolphin in 125 feet of water this month as the water cools.


    Scout by ear when acorns fall

    Most deer hunters scout with their eyes — either watching through binoculars, looking over trail-camera photos or actually in the woods, searching for deer sign.

    But veteran hunter and wildlife photographer Brian Carroll said October is really the time to scout with your ears.

    October 19 at 3:22pm

    Marion hunter kills 140-class buck

    It took perseverance, a few changes to deer stands and locations, and a little bit of luck, but it all came together in time of Joshua Sparks of Marion to kill the deer of his dreams last month, and it all started with a trail camera photo he obtained after hunting season had already started.

    October 19 at 2:59pm

    Alamance County bowhunter kills solid white doe

    Numerous hunters encounter calico or piebald deer if they hunt often enough, but seeing a true albino deer is a rare sight that most hunters never see. Will Hadley of Eli Whitney, N.C. spent a couple of years watching two solid white, pink-eyed does. On Oct. 15, he killed one of them, but not before struggling with whether or not to shoot it.

    October 19 at 5:24pm

    How to tie your own trout flies

    Seeing a trout rise to a fly is always a thrill, no matter how often you fish. Having a trout rise to a fly you’ve tied yourself is a greater thrill.

    Tying flies is an art, a craft and a science, the concocting of feathers, fur, thread, yarn and other material to produce a fly that looks enough like an insect to make a trout think it’s the real thing.

    October 19 at 9:00am

    NCWRC asking for public's help with backyard animal survey

    A new research project of the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, N.C. Museum of Natural Sciences and N.C. State University aims to answer a big question: What animals are found in the wildest parts of the state, in backyards and in suburbs?

    October 19 at 8:09am

    More deer hunting closures start today due to flooding

    Last week, the SCDNR closed certain portions of flooded areas to deer hunting for a 10-day period. With more areas now flooding due to runoff from rivers, other areas have now been closed. These temporary closures are intended to last 10 days also, and the SCDNR will monitor these areas and adjust that schedule accordingly.

    October 19 at 6:34am

    Dig into fall fowl tacos

    October is when hunting seasons really get going in the Carolinas, and a lot of excellent fishing is also taking place. While I’m probably a fisherman first, I enjoy picking up my bow, blackpowder gun, shotgun or rifle and chasing game. This month, I’m going to switch off of fishing and offer a hunting recipe, but it’s not for deer.

    October 08 at 9:00am

    Kill more ducks with the Decoy Raft

    With waterfowl season quickly approaching, many hunters across the Carolinas will be using a new product on their hunts. The Decoy Raft, a product made by North Carolina's Southern Flyway Outfitters, first became available to the public early this year, and it's been a big hit with outfitters all over the U.S. and Canada, and many homegrown hunters are excited to put it to use.

    October 18 at 5:01pm

    Food plots for acidic soils

    Every deer hunter dreams of shooting a Boone and Crockett-class buck, but unfortunately, of the 6,000 entries in that record book, North Carolina and South Carolina only boast a minute percentage. However, the Carolinas produce hundreds of fine bucks every year, pushing 200 pounds and wearing racks more than 130 inches. 

    October 05 at 9:00am

    Cape Fear River king mackerel run is fabulous

    The waters around the mouth of North Carolina’s Cape Fear River typically see several king mackerel runs each year, but the one in October is the biggest and best. It is one of those wonders of nature that biologists haven’t figured out; even when indicators say otherwise, hordes of king mackerel appear in this area as the calendar is flipped to October. 

    September 27 at 10:02am

    Striper fishing is back

    October is a great time for catching all kinds of fish on the Santee Cooper lakes, but the most anticipated day is the re-opening of the striped bass season after a four-month closure. With recent years as indicators of what’s likely to occur, striper fishing should be sensational on opening day and actually improve as the month progresses.

    October 16 at 9:00am

    Hunt for big state-line bulls

    Finally, the sweltering summer is over and saltwater fishing is firing up. October begins of some of the best fishing of the year, with a huge variety of species to target. For anglers looking for a trip to remember, it’s time to lift a few bull reds over the gunwales. It’s prime month for catching bull reds along the beach, and if anglers aren’t catching enough to get sore arms and back; they aren’t in the right spot. 

    September 27 at 10:12am

    Paddle your way to more speckled trout with these tips

    Since January, we’ve covered strategies, rigging and tactics for targeting different species from a paddle craft. Along the way, we’ve covered saltwater, freshwater and even delved into some hunting. Noticeably absent on this list was a favorite saltwater species along the entire Carolina coast: speckled trout.

    October 14 at 9:00am

    SCNDR officers rescue countless pets during hurricane flooding

    The flooding that has taken place as a result of Hurricane Matthew is not entirely over for everyone in South Carolina. Days after the storm ended, and with bluebird skies welcoming nice weather and pretty fall days, some areas of the state had just begun to flood, thanks to runoff from the swollen rivers to their north.

    October 16 at 11:04pm

    Duckfest to be held in Summerton on Oct. 22

    Clarendon County is one of South Carolina's top destinations for waterfowl hunting, so it's only fitting that this will be the site of the Inaugural Duckfest on Oct. 22, a celebration of duck hunting throughout the county and state.

    October 14 at 9:06pm

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