• Fresh trout is an excellent meal, no matter how you cook it.


    Build your own fishing rod, make your own fishing lures

    The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission is offering two free fishing workshops in August at the John E. Pechmann Fishing Education Center, in Fayetteville. 

    July 19 at 4:27pm

    4 tips to catching quality bass on urban fishing holes

    Urban fishing holes are some of the most overlooked waters, but they can give up plenty of quality bass. One of the best things about these locales is that they are often conveniently located near homes and businesses, which means anglers in the area can enjoy an hour or two of fishing before or after work.

    July 19 at 2:12pm

    Wylie flatheads thrive after dark

    Flathead catfish in Lake Wylie are growing in both numbers and size, and in the middle of summer, the best time to fish for these monsters is well after dark for three good reasons, according to guide Rodger Taylor of Rock Hill.

    June 28 at 4:07pm

    Simple steps to keep bass alive during summer heat

    Largemouth bass anglers who practice catch-and-release fishing this summer can follow a few simple steps to ensure the fish they catch today will survive to bite another lure tomorrow. 

    July 18 at 3:57pm

    Sweat Jordan Lake bass

    Largemouth bass can stump even the best anglers this month, but those sweating it out can still catch heavy sacks at Jordan Lake. 

    June 28 at 4:00pm

    Summer stirs up Lake Norman’s cats

    Guide Gus Gustafson of Lake Norman Ventures said fishing for blue, flathead and channel cats heats up in July at Lake Norman.

    June 28 at 3:12pm

    Capitalize on the Neuse River and Pamlico Sound bull redfish bite

    July’s sizzling weather matches a torrid bite for bull red drum in the lower Neuse River and western Pamlico Sound.

    June 28 at 2:43pm

    Anglers catching Spanish mackerel just off North Carolina's beaches

    North Carolina’s saltwater anglers are having no trouble catching a variety of fish, and that’s especially true for folks fishing a mile or two off the beaches. Bluefish are plentiful, but the Spanish mackerel are really stealing the show.

    July 13 at 10:19am

    Start early for early bucks

    In the Carolinas, deer season starts early, especially for hunters in South Carolina’s Lowcountry, where Aug. 15 is the kickoff. Hunters need to sweat it out in the middle of the summer to get stands ready and prepare their hunting areas. Good preparations well before the season opens should be a priority for hunters looking to score big.

    July 08 at 9:00am

    Hit Cape Fear this month for a shot at sailfish

    All billfish are special, but sailfish are the ones most likely to be encountered by fishermen other than those specifically seeking billfish. One of the best locations to catch sailfish north of Florida is in the waters around Cape Fear. Unlike blue and white marlin, sailfish readily abandon the Gulf Stream and move inshore following baitfish once the water warms above 70 degrees. 

    June 28 at 3:21pm

    Win $10,000 this weekend for catching trout in Cherokee

    What’s better than fishing in the beautiful surroundings of the Southern Appalachians? How about winning $10,000 for catching a fish there? You can do it this weekend by fishing in the rivers of Cherokee’s Qualla Boundary, if you catch the right fish.

    July 11 at 10:55am

    Catch more Western N.C. smallmouth with this unconventional tactic

    Western North Carolina’s rivers are keeping anglers busy and happy, especially those fishing for smallmouth bass in the New and French Broad Rivers. While anglers are catching their share of river bronzebacks on a variety of lures and techniques, the topwater bite has been especially good. 

    July 08 at 1:05pm

    Photo contest helps preserve N. C. coastal benefits

    North Carolina is home to some of the most diverse marine environments on the Atlantic Coast. From the elegant red drum tailing in the shallow marshes to the giant sand tiger sharks dwelling on the deep ship wrecks, North Carolina's marine ecosystems are truly amazing. However, as beautiful as they may be, they are equally fragile.

    July 07 at 10:01am

    North Carolina’s 2015 bear harvest up 20 percent

    The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission set a goal in 2013 to slow down the state’s expanding black bear population, increasing hunting opportunities in hopes of an raising the annual harvest to around 25 percent of the state’s bruins.

    July 07 at 9:43pm

    Top 3 tips for catching bass in heavy vegetation

    Noah Tackett lives near the border town of Play Card, South Carolina, and his job as an advertising salesman takes him all over North and South Carolina. He pulls his bass boat right behind him everywhere he goes. This time of year, his favorite type of fishing is bass fishing with hollow body frogs in thick surface weeds, and he’s got some tips to help you catch your share of bass on these lures.

    July 06 at 5:07pm

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