• Mild winters often find bass acting as if it's spring or fall, so adjust to them rather than trying to make them follow winter patterns.


    Dry weather is a variable

    Western North Carolina and South Carolina’s Upstate had the driest summer and fall on record, seasons marked by scores of wildfires, closures of state parks, burning bans and water restrictions.

    January 19 at 9:00am

    Marine electronics for your wrist

    An electronic watch can be as smart as Einstein and still be useless to fishermen if it isn’t waterproof.

    Well, Garmin’s Quatix 3 ($449.99) can be submerged to 100 meters — about 178 feet deeper than the practical limit for SCUBA divers on compressed air — so this watch should handle anything a fisherman is likely to encounter.

    -295651 seconds ago

    Discarded bottle kills South Carolina buck

    – Thanks to Lindsay Thomas Jr. of QDMA for sharing his story of how litter kills.

    I despise a litterbug.

    As a hunter and fisherman who enjoys clean water and clean forests, few things aggravate me more than physical evidence that someone was here before me and treated the land with disrespect. Litter also has a real impact on people and wildlife. When my children and I swim in rivers, I worry about broken glass. 

    January 18 at 7:13pm

    Prescribed burns are beneficial to wildlife habitat

    In January, North Carolina residents may start to see smoke in the vicinity of N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission game lands. What they’re witnessing is usually a prescribed burn—one of the most beneficial and cost-effective methods of managing habitat for wildlife.

    January 17 at 8:25pm

    It's banquet season for wildlife organizations

    Whether you’re a fan of turkey hunting, waterfowl hunting, or saltwater fishing, several organizations in both Carolinas are present making sure we have those fish and game species available to pursue for us and future generations. And one way for them to keep doing what they do is by raising money during their banquets.

    January 17 at 4:28pm

    Even on hot-hole lakes, think current, food

    When the water temperature in lakes across the Carolinas starts to plummet as winter approaches, many bass fishermen jump at the chance to fish those reservoirs that, because of the presence of a power plant, have a warm-water discharge.

    “Hot-hole” fishing typically features water that is unseasonably warm, and bass that seek out that water and act like fish on the cusp of spring. Leave the boat ramp and find the warm water; what could be easier?

    January 16 at 10:27pm

    Turn in poachers, receive rewards

    Growing up, we learned that nobody likes a snitch. Even some of our elders told us that nobody likes a tattle-tale. But nobody likes a cheater either, and poaching is cheating. Whether it’s killing wild game out of season, trespassing to hunt or fish, or killing more than the law allows, poaching goes against the nature of being a sportsman.

    January 16 at 11:34pm

    Forget the shallow flats, hunt reds in deep holes

    If you are a hard-core saltwater fishermen and don’t store your tackle after Christmas, there’s a good chance that you love to sight-fish for redfish on the flats back in sounds, bays and rivers along the coastline of both Carolinas.

    January 16 at 12:09pm

    Cape Fear stripers hit the river in good numbers this month

    Once the water and weather cools, striped bass become the primary target of fishermen in the Cape Fear, Northeast Cape Fear and Brunswick rivers around Wilmington, N.C. They are a January favorite even with a moratorium on possessing them throughout the Cape Fear system, where it’s still early in the process of rebuilding stocks. But growing numbers in the three rivers and tributaries around Wilmington find fishermen playing catch-and-release.

    December 21, 2016 at 4:09pm

    800-pound bluefin tuna caught out of Beaufort Inlet, N.C.

    Partnering to catch bluefin tuna for 2017, Tommy Adkins and his first mate, Stephen Lilly are having an outstanding season. After catching a doubleheader the first week of January, they hauled in a 106-inch beast on Jan. 11 that was estimated to weigh more than 800 pounds before being beheaded and gutted — and still weighing 626.

    January 16 at 11:28am

    Forage is key to January

    January’s unpredictable weather, along with cold water temperatures, is a given, and it makes targeting a single species of fish on the Santee Cooper lakes risky in terms of enjoying good action — but fast action and quality fish are available. A key is to allow the weather and water conditions to dictate what’s best at any given time. 

    January 16 at 9:00am

    Here, piggy, piggy, piggy

    The weather may seem very similar to December, but January is definitely a transitional month for outdoorsman around the Carolinas — especially the thousands of deer hunters out there. More hunters participate in deer season than all of the other game animals combined. But just because the season is over doesn’t mean the deer rifle should be retired to the gun cabinet. Hunters can continue hunting, targeting a different quarry with large white tusks in the front and a pair of country hams bringing up the rear. 

    January 09, 2014 at 9:00am

    Cool runnings - North Carolina’s out-of-the-way Hyco Lake is a winter paradise, thanks to hot water

    Among outdoors and non-outdoors people, bass anglers are considered, well, a little off kilter.

    January 01, 2015 at 7:00am

    January is big-fish time

    Fishing can still be very good in January on Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie despite the typical cold weather, especially for catfish and stripers. One of the best species for consistent action is catfish; more than one way of finding and catching these fish will work in January.

    January 15, 2015 at 9:00am

    Add noise to winter lures

    Fishing can be tough in the winter. Aside from the cold air temperatures that keep many anglers off the water, the lower water temperatures also slow things down for most fish, including their appetites. They still have to eat, but they eat less often and will conserve energy by passing on the chance to chase down a lot of meals. 

    January 01, 2016 at 7:00am

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