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Trail Cam
Trail cameras have become important scouting tools, and many hunters simply can’t wait to check their cameras to see what deer have been caught on their properties. The resulting images are passed around and compared with photos other hunters have captured.

Now registered users can also win monthly prizes in the new Trail Camera Photo Contest. Monthly prizes include Official Sportsman Gear and a free one-year North Carolina Sportsman magazine subscription, with winners chosen by user vote from three of the best images each month as chosen by staff.

So be sure to upload your Trail Cam Contest photo today.

Monthly winners also will be eligible for an end-of-the-season grand-prize package including a new game-trail camera. The four monthly winners will be placed in a voting session, with the overall winner chosen by user vote.

While anyone is welcome to upload their photos, only registered users will be eligible for the monthly prizes.

There will be four monthly contest periods beginning in Sept. 1 and ending Jan. 31, with the final voting session beginning shortly thereafter.

So register today and upload your favorite trail-cam images. You can enter as many times as you’d like, and it’s a great way to track your season. But remember: Only registered users are eligible for the prizes.

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