Volume 13 Number 4 - April 2006


The fast-flowing Watauga doesnít leave trout a lot of time to make up their minds whether or not to eat a fly. Cross the border from North Carolina for Volunteer trout
April and May are the best times to catch trophy browns and rainbows at the Watauga River with a father-son guide team.
Rod Champion once worked in the insurance business ó that is until his love of trout fishing eventually forced him to submit.  ...
Chris Ginn

This hefty Falls Lake chub nailed a topwater lure. Many times at the lower lake section, bass will corral schools of shad against the rock walls and slash through them, a good spot to try a topwater lure. Falls Lake bass-fishing can be magic in spring for North Carolina fishermen
It might not be a rabbit out of a hat, but high numbers of bass out of Falls Lake is totally possible during the postspawn period.
There are certain times in bass fishing when all the world seems right. The spring spawn is one such time; the fall feeding frenzy is another. ...
Chris Ginn

Parafoil 5 kites, available at most kite shops, work well with Mike Webbís yellowfin technique. North Carolina captain flies kites for yellowfin tuna
An Atlantic Beach captain has tweaked a method to use kidsí kites in an unusual way that triggers spectacular - and more - tuna strikes.
If the sight of a yellowfin tuna jumping into the air in hot pursuit of a fleeing flying fish doesnít get a personís adrenaline pumping, a complete physical exam is a good idea. ...
Jerry Dilsaver

Poirier holds a crow that wonít be able to get back and tell all its buddies about the danger in the area. North Carolina has crow hunting to crow about
Avid duck hunter Jeremy Poirier doesnít abandon wingshooting when waterfowl when waterfowl are off-limits.
When it comes to game birds, the wild turkey has no rival. ...
Todd Masson

A wise turkey hunter often will set up an ambush near a friend who is an expert caller. The trick is to know where the gobbler is likely to walk. North Carolina hunters need patience for Caswell Game Lands turkeys
Pressured wild turkeys often are difficult to call within gun range. But remedies exist to get to the meat of the matter.
Hunkered down near of a Caswell County ridge one April morning last year and hidden by a pine lap that had fallen during an ice storm, the hunterís senses were at high alert. ...
Craig Holt

Anglers such as Ed Yahn of Albemarle come from many cities, towns and communities across the southern piedmont to fish High Rock Lake for crappies each spring. RackíEm & StackíEm -- springtime crappie fishing is great on North Carolina's High Rock Lake
Crappie fishing is good througout the late winter and early spring months at this Yadkin chain favorite.
Fair-weather anglers mostly fish with remote controls when itís cold, as is sometimes the case during early spring.  ...
Walter Taylor

ďOldĒ drum are fun to catch but these fish must be released as the slot limit prevents retention of fish longer than 27 inches. Anglers may keep one drum per day between 18 and 27 inches. Red Dawns
From pier, surf or boat, even novice anglers have a chance at trophy-size drum at the OBX this spring.
Spring hot spots for big 40-inch, 30-year-old red drum (channel bass) will be Portsmouth Island, Ocracoke Island, and southern Hatteras Island.  ...
Bob Goldstein

The biggest Spanish mackerel of the season arrive each spring during late April off the coast at Kure and Carolina beaches. Spanish mackerel kick off North Carolina's saltwat fishing season
A spring window of opportunity during late April and May offers Pleasure Island anglers terrific topwater action for big Spanish mackerel.
The day dawned with a slight chill, not unusual for southeastern North Carolina springtime. ...
Mike Marsh

The best topwater bite for smallmouths at Lake James occurs just after daylight. Spring smallmouth fishing at Lake James among North Carolina's best
Western NC anglers can get a fix on prespawn, smallmouths this month at the Northernmost impoundment of the Catawba river chain.

Daffodils on the hills and fresh leaves on the trees arenít the only signs of spring. Giant smallmouth bass at Lake James are also harbingers. ...

Tim Mead

The result of a successful yellowfin tuna fishing day will be a lot of steaks for the happy anglers to enjoy. Spring tuna run along North Carolina's Outer Banks is top-drawer
From OBX ports, itís a short hop to the Atlanticís great oceanic river and delightful, delicious yellowfins and other deepwater denizens.
Itís not exactly a scene that would be considered heroic by the stretch of any anglerís imagination, but itís one that will be forever burned in his or her mind. ...
Dan Kibler