• Volume 13 Number 7 - July 2006


    Tar Heel catfish anglers who know S.C. tactics can drift fish for big numbers and trophy size fish at Lake Gaston.

    If Scott Van Horn is public enemy No. 1 to Lake Gaston’s catfish, you’ll have to forgive him. If he hadn’t talked, thousands more of them would be alive.

    Anglers who love to fish for doormat-size flatfish need persistence to score big at crowded Carolina Beach.

    Carolina Beach has earned a reputation for producing some of the nicest catches of big flounder in the state of North Carolina and perhaps the world.

    Live-bottom areas can provide good offshore fishing during July, but if the bite is slow, anglers need a Plan B.

    When July’s heat and humidity drop across the Carolinas like a wool blanket, anglers don’t have to go far off “the hill” to find good big-game fishing.

    Rhodes Pond, a new state acquisition managed by the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, offers classic eastern-style fishing in a beautiful, serene setting.

    Dawn’s first rays filtered through a stand of cypress trees, sparkling on the silky water like a necklace of yellow diamonds draped against a black velvet dress.

    Denver wife and mother Michelle Armstrong, who’d rather fish than shop, becomes part of WBT history.

    Fishing has played such a significant role in the lives of Troy and Michelle Armstrong that the Denver couple named their children in reference to the sport.

    When the weather turns hot during the summer, sailfish provide action in shallow and deep water.

    Sailfish are members of the marlin family (Istiophoridae), which includes blue, black, striped, and white marlins, spearfishes (two or three of types), and of course Atlantic and Pacific sailfishes

    A fishing trip for speckled trout at Harkers Island becomes a day filled with slot-size drum.

    The small egg sinker and frisky mud minnow I had just cast lightly splashed into the running water of the creek where it compressed into an eddy around the submerged oyster bar.

    Oak Hollow Lake at High Point offers one-stop shopping for anglers seeking variety, especially during summer.

    There’s nothing hollow about Triad’s Oak Hollow Lake, tucked away in High Point.