Volume 13 Number 8 - August 2006


Growing bigger bucks is a function of allowing smaller deer to walk, according to deer experts nationwide. 2006 Whitetail Forecast
Two-buck seasons and doe harvests have stabilized North Carolinaís deer herd.
North Carolina deer hunters likely can expect another good season during 2006, and the quality of the stateís bucks should continue to improve ó even after several years of record kills by hunters. ...
Craig Holt

The mouth of Bluestone Creek is a good spot for big blue catfish during the summer months, according to guide Chris Coleman. Another excellent area for night-time monster catfish is a ďhumpĒ between the two river channels of the Dan and Staunton near Staunton View. Bumps in the Night
Anglers beat the summer heat and tangle with some of the regionís biggest flathead and blue catfish at Kerr Lake.
Sometimes when things go bump in the night itís a good thing.

Take for instance, a monster of a flathead or blue catfish thwacking a piece of shad or live bream in the pitch dark, or the distinct ďtick-tickĒ sound of a clicker reel ...

Marc N. McGlade

The crosshairs on quality scopes are sharper and clearer than on less-expensive models. Focus Factor
What will you have atop your rifle this deer season? Will it help you take that buck of your dreams, or will it hinder your abilities?
If you donít want to invest in good gear, donít ever borrow it.

Donít even let your grubby little fingers ever touch it.

Iíve learned this lesson too many times to count over the years, and itís always the hard way. ...

Todd Masson

The Pigeonís West Fork offers 5 miles of hatchery-supported water and 2 miles of delayed-harvest water, each well stocked with rainbows, browns and brook trout. Forks of the Pigeon
Mid-summer draws trout fishermen to headwater regions, where waters stay cool and trout remain active. In the high hills of Haywood County, a network of trout-filled branches rise to form the headwaters of the Pigeon River.
The Pigeon River carries a dirty reputation.

Infamous for its past polluted state, the river name still leaves a bad smell in the noses of many North Carolinians. ...

Jeff Samsel

A jack crevalle this size is quite a catch. These fish arrive during June but move around more than amberjacks. Often theyíll hit the trolled baits of king mackerel anglers. Jacks are Wild
Anglers canít pull more thrilling battlers from fishingís deck of cards than crevalles or amberjacks.
The water above the Pocohontas was calm except for a gentle rolling swell and the noise created by big Tsunami Popper lures. ...
Jerry Dilsaver

Gary Knight of Polecat Creek Outfitters in Greensboro often takes clients to Jordan Lake for night fishing. Nocturnal Nibbles
Night time is the right time to slay slabs during summer at Jordan Lake.
Gary Knight and his client for the evening had been on a pretty good run.

They started catching stripers during the last two hours of daylight, hooked a few decent channel cats and caught two bass weighing more than 6 pounds. ...

Chris Ginn

Guide Rick Bennett and angler Kathy Erickson display an eating-size Snowís Cut flounder. Although many flounder this size are caught, each year the channel gives up 10-pounders. Short íCutí to Doormats
Although the Army Corps of Engineers dug Snowís Cut at Carolina Beach to help shipping, they also created N.C.ís best big flounder hole.
During the 1930s, the construction wizards of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers created a shortcut to carry shipped goods between the Cape Fear River and Myrtle Grove Sound, which separates Carolina Beach from the mainland south of Wilmington. ...
Dan Kibler

Capt. Robert ďBobbyĒ Freeman holds a nice pair of groupers. Freeman, who has been a far offshore bottomfisherman for 34 years, uses a drift-fishing technique because he drops baits 500 feet below his boat at times. The Bottom of Things
One Atlantic Beach captain goes really deep to find groupers and snappers where the feds say they donít swim.
Donít bother trying to convince Capt. Robert Freeman, owner of the Sunrise II, an offshore bottom-fishing boat based at Atlantic Beach, that groupers and snappers are in trouble. ...
Craig Holt

A float rig, a rattling cork and a small Kahle hook through a mulletís head can be fished above oyster rocks or at the edges of marshes for redfish. Triple-Play Reds
A Morehead City fishing guide uses three techniques to fish for shallow-water summer drum.
The only man-made sounds were occasional sloshes as waves washed against the boat hull, created by the turbulence a trolling motor propeller. ...
Mike Marsh