Volume 13 Number 11 - November 2006


Capt. Rod Bierstedt said using dead baits allows him to troll a little faster than with live baits and he can cover more area. 60-foot Kings
When November arrives at the N.C. coast, anglers find king mackerel ready to smoke reels at the 10-fathom curve.
The number “60” is a magical one, and not just because Babe Ruth made it famous in 1927.

Most of the guys who fish seriously for king mackerel at the east side of Cape Fear and the Frying Pan Shoals know when it comes to catching ...

Dan Kibler

Ray Bean of Cary drops a drum into his ice box. Most Cape Hatteras red drum anglers use four-wheel-drive vehicles to find the best places to chunk bottom rigs and cut mullets at reds each fall. Flame Surf
When is a hole not a depression? When it’s found by scouting the OBX surf and reveals a redfish hot spot.
To do well at most endeavors takes preparation. Of course, good luck doesn’t hurt. But as legendary Major League baseball-owner Branch Rickey once said, “Luck is 99 percent perspiration and 1 percent inspiration.”

Translation: hard ...

Craig Holt

With N.C. hunters becoming more concerned about quality deer, archery hunters will be the first to benefit. In the Open
2006 season starts strong for Stokes County hunter.
Stokes County has produced some of North Carolina’s biggest bucks over the past half-dozen years, and it spit out another huge one on the opening day of bow season two months ago for hunter Jerrold Wade. ...
Dan Kibler

Eastern N.C.’s black bears are numerous and seem to be getting bigger each winter. Bears that exceed 500 pounds are common and 600 pounders are not that rare. Outback Bears
Hunting Eastern N.C. bruins can be a hit-or-miss game, but when a hunter connects, he often smacks one over the wall.
North Carolina has become legendary for world-class black bear hunting. ...
Mike Marsh

Fishing for striped bass at Lake Hickory is the best during the fall when water temperatures range between 60 and 65 degrees. Search for Stripers
Water conditions at Lake Hickory and annual WRC stockings have created a rockfish stronghold.
Dark and foggy with an annoying drizzle — just the type of conditions that make driving along the highway a chore but just the perfect type of weather for hooking a trophy striper. ...
Tony Garitta

Charles Daly Model 105 Shot to the Heart
Upgrading your shotgun now will put a smile on your face all duck season.
Make your first shot count.

That’s good advice that I absolutely never follow.

And sometimes that proves more painful than others.

Todd Masson

A cooler of specks can be the result when anglers find a hot spot and use floats with shrimp. The best technique is to cast upcurrent and allow the water’s movement to carry the bait, often a shrimp, across the strike zone. Southern Spectacular
The creeks at Bald Head Island offer great fall speckled trout fishing.
The float slowly drifted into the growing current riffle off the stern of Capt. Andy Fisher’s boat and promptly disappeared. ...
Jerry Dilsaver

This young hunter discovered a beech nut tree sometime after the squirrels found it. Start-up Squirrels
Hunting bushytails is an ideal learner’s course to get youngsters excited about other types of game.
Mark Ingram, then 8 years old, lightly tapped on the squirrel call while Harold Knight intently studied the tops of several hickory trees 20 yards away.  ...
Bruce Ingram

North Carolina inshore waters are producing more trophy-size specks each year, probably because we’ve had several consecutive mild winters. Super Specks
Hardy anglers fish the Cape Lookout rock jetty during November for gator trout.
Some fishermen are so dedicated to their chosen sport they shun the comforts of home and hearth, even during the holidays and the tube-jam of televised sporting events, to head out into the wind, wet and cold.  ...
Mike Marsh

Harvesting a mature buck is extremely difficult, but the odds increase for hunters during the mating season because deer wander across a larger area and during daylight. Wanderlust
The deer rut is a special time because bucks search for does. But it’s not as fleeting in the Tar Heel state as hunters think.
Every deer hunter knows the “rut” (mating) season is the best time to hunt whitetail bucks. ...
Craig Holt

  Hunters can actually have some impact on when and how long bucks rut on their property.
Photo By Photo by Jake Fagan


The hobgoblin of consistency

Craig Holt

Getting in Gear
After you’ve pulled the trigger

Dan Kibler

Head for the Mountains
Winter is time for using nymphs

Robert Satterwhite

High Tides and Tall Tails
Getting baits when it’s late

Jerry Dilsaver

Gray has a bright day at Kerr Lake

Tony Garitta

Lunker Lines
Go hunt deer now — wink, wink

David Fritts


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