Volume 14 Number 8 - August 2007


N.C.’s northwestern mountain counties proved to be the best places for primitive-weapons hunters, those who use archery equipment or muzzle-loader rifles. 2007 Deer Season Preview
Will North Carolina deer hunters experience another record-setting year? The state’s experts give their thoughts.
So what can Tar Heel hunters expect for the 2007 white-tailed deer season — more bucks, more does, better quality deer? ...
Craig Holt

A jumping sailfish is one of the delights of offshore fishing. Some days boats will get a dozen bites from billfish ranging from white to blue marlins to sailfish. Billfish Primer
Where and when should you try to catch an Atlantic billfish off the N.C. coast? Here’s the advice of some of the state’s expert captains.
Six billfishes swim in North Carolina waters — Atlantic sailfish, white marlin, Atlantic blue marlin, shortbill spearfish, longbill spearfish, and swordfish.

Our most common species are sailfish and white marlin. ...

Bob Goldstein

Here are some of the favorite older crankbaits Lexington bass pro Gerald Beck still likes to use. Carolina Crankin’ Kings
Tar Heel luremakers and bass pros popularized the sport’s most effective deep-water lures and techniques to use them.
In the North Carolina county of Davidson, the welcoming signs rightfully could say “Welcome to Crankbait Country.”

Along with Tar Heel, Blue Devil, Wolfpack and Demon Deacon fans, central N.C. is crankbait territory, a watery ...

Tim Tucker

Big sheepshead may weigh from 6 to 8 pounds, so Cronk tries to sight fish for them, turning their heads upward as soon as they hit. Made in the Shade
Swansboro sheepshead anglers find a comfort zone and cool fishing under bridges that never are too far.
Capt. Jeff Cronk is one of the most energetic fishermen along the coast of North Carolina.

A high school math teacher, he still finds a way to take clients fishing more than 120 days per year. He guides evenings, weekends and ...

Mike Marsh

Dr. Don Hammond’s dolphin-tagging project began in 2001. Atlantic dolphin studies are rare, including a a failed 1991 East Coast tracking study, S.C.’s yearly tagging programs and a 2002-04 UNC Sea Grant study. Morehead’s Multiple Mahi
Small-boat anglers have fun with dolphin off the Crystal Coast while gathering much-needed information.
When most fishermen daydream of dragging in dolphin, they typically conjure:

• Towering offshore hulls with Carolina-style flared bows deploying spider webs of lines from out-riggers stretching outward above their gunwales;
Mike Marsh

Black drum can grow to almost 100 pounds, but those specimens aren’t the sizes found at the shell beds of the Cape Fear estuary. Paint ‘em Black
Different drum give anglers good-eatin’ reasons to try bay waters north of Bald Head Island during August.
During August at the southeastern N.C. coast, the heat’s usually so intense people don’t bother stopping at cafes for breakfast; they just scoop up fried eggs off the sidewalks. The humidity’s also likely to be so high gnats and mosquitos surf down ...
Craig Holt

Jason Todd displays a blacknose shark. Blacknose sharks less than 54 inches in length must be released. Putting the Bite on Jaws
If you like instant action tinged with a little danger, try shark fishing behind a shrimp boat.
“I already ran over and took a quick look to be sure there were still some shrimpers out — and there were,” Capt Matt Wirt said aboard his Sea Chaser bay boat a sunny August morning last year. ...
Jerry Dilsaver

Star-Kissed Catfish Star-Kissed Catfish
During August nights, the Cape Fear weaves a magic web of peaceful slumber for some and river giants waiting to be caught for others.
The Cape Fear River lowlands become unbearably hot each summer.

It doesn’t help that the riverbanks are high and steep, blocking all but the strongest winds from giving relief from an overhead sun and humidity hovering near 100 ...

Mike Marsh