Volume 15 Number 8 - August 2008


Slinky weights help keep catfish baits near the bottom while a small float keeps the bait off the bottom and in the vision field of catfish. Catfish Fever
Lake Norman is an oft-ignored venue for the challagne of hge catfish.

Little kids, big kids, even old guys like to catch catfish.

Tim Mead

Matt Markley (left) and Chris Edens Jr. caught this big king mackerel while fishing near Frying Pan Tower, a popular spot for anglers of many species of fish. Coronation in Green
Sarah Jo’s dedicated fishing family jumps to Frying Pan Tower and finds fired-up king mackerel.
The southeastern coast of North Carolina is a producer of super-sized kingfish as well as superior king mackerel fishermen.  ...
Mike Marsh

Spadefish can reach weights of 12 pounds in N.C. waters, although the average weight is 4 to 6 pounds. Gotta Fly for Spades
Spadefish provide a consistent, fun — and cheap — alternative to summer fishing doldrums.
In 1970 Lee Parsons kept seeing big striped, flat-sided fish at the wrecks and reefs off Wrightsville Beach. ...
Craig Holt

Spotted seatrout may be reluctant to bite before the tide starts to move, but once current begins to flow, they’ll usually look for an easy meal. Let ‘em Eat Shrimp
The middle of summer doesn’t have to be dead for angling, not as long as anglers have live bait.
The tide had been slack when we neared the little section of bank where a pair of smaller creeks funneled out of the marsh and spilled into a larger creek. ...
Jerry Dilsaver

Purple is a favorite springtime and early summer color for bass anglers who like to use plastic worms. Rigging Wars
Discover the lures top largemouth angelrs believe can turn an everyday fishing Joe into an aspiring bass pro.
Although the first plastic worms were made in the 1860s and the plastic worm was first patented in 1870, these early creations were lifeless and brittle and had little appeal to fish or anglers. ...
Tony Garitta

Capt. Charles Brown grabs the leader to land a big red drum after a long battle. The Next World-Record?
A veteran guide believes somewhere at Cedar Island swims an “old” red drum that will top 94 pounds.
The Cedar-Island-to-Ocracoke ferry was discharging a load of passengers late in the afternoon. The August heat was starting to dissipate in the slanting rays of the sun. ...
Mike Marsh