Volume 15 Number 9 - September 2008


2008 Game Lands Preview 2008 Game Lands Preview
Some of the state’s 2 million public acres will be smokin’ hot this year.
With more people moving to North Carolina and conversions of former farms and wood lands into housing tracts and shopping centers, finding places to hunt can be a frustrating experience. ...
Craig Holt

According to veteran bow hunter Mike Cox, consistent practice is an essential part of his bowhunting success. Bowing to Pressure
Preparation, perspiration and persistence are keys to successful early season archery hunts for whitetails.
Early season bow hunting can be one of the more challenging ways to hunt white-tail deer. But it can be perhaps the most rewarding of all to a serous bow hunter. ...
Terry Madewell

Spinnerbaits used at coves near boat docks or other wood structure are consistent producers at Lake Norman. Dead Sea Comes Alive
Lake Norman has emerged since 2001 as a lake with more and bigger largemouths and healthy spotted bass.
A decade ago, Lake Norman was widely known as North Carolina’s inland “Dead Sea.”  ...
Tim Mead

Fishing Fit to a “T” Fishing Fit to a “T”
The family of fishermen at the end of Johnny Mercer’s Pier enjoy each other’s company and top king mackerel fishing each fall.
When the first nor’easter blows, the water begins cooling for the fall, giving anglers itchy riggin’ fingers. ...
Mike Marsh

Food sources usually are good places to watch for bucks during the early September season. Skill + Luck = Bucks
N.C.’s best 2007 bow deer offered shots to hunters on consecutive days.
The two North Carolina archery hunters who downed the top bow-killed bucks of 2007 had something in common — neither had seen their bucks previously; they hunted food sources at almost the same time in the middle of September; and they admit they ...
Craig Holt

Rick Bennett of Rod-Man Charters sets the hook on a reef flounder just off the coastline of Pleasure Island, including Carolina and Wrightsville beaches. ‘Flat’ Moving
Migrating flounder give Carolina Beach fishermen a great fall outlook.
Like snowbirds heading south for the winter, flounder start a similar fall migration this month at the Carolina Beach area. ...
Dan Kibler