Volume 17 Number 1 - January 2010


Capt. Tommy Rickman gingerly handles a nice redfish caught in the Cape Fear area on a trip last January. Winter action can be surprisingly good. Bang the Drum Slowly
The Cape Fear area of North Carolina is far enough north that it has all the seasons, but for the most part, winters are mild.
The Cape Fear area of North Carolina is far enough north that it has all the seasons, but for the most part, winters are mild. Not that it doesn’t occasionally get really cold, and there might be snow or ice storms every few years, but the winters ...
Jerry Dilsaver

Prior to the rut, young males are constantly testing one another. They will even instigate mature bucks to engage. Yet as females enter estrous and signposting intensifies, the dynamics of these interactions turns highly aggressive and dangerous. Deer Dynamics
During the rut, young bucks will point the way to the bruisers.
EDITOR’S NOTE: For the next 12 months, renowned wildlife photographer Tommy Kirkland will give readers an inside look into the private world of whitetail deer. ...
Tommy Kirkland

A brace of ducks like these redheads is a typical Hyde County bag for hunters like Chip Bolick. Final Countdown
Hyde County is waterfowl heaven for late-season hunters.
Bill Slate grew up enjoying extraordinary waterfowl hunting on the St. Lawrence River in his native New York. Then, he moved his construction business to Monroe, N.C., and his duck hunting literally took a dive — until he discovered Hyde County. ...
Craig Holt

Art Thompson has hunted rabbits around Alamance County for decades, and he’s wise enough to their tricks to be able to a good share of the take in his game bag. Run, Rabbit, Run
Hunting bunnies with beagles not only is a Southern tradition, but it keeps hunters in shape and provides tasty meals.
The beagles’ tails appeared to be wagging fingers, a wave of vertical, white-tipped periscopes, eight to 10 inches long, moving purposefully through the green and gray of a frost-covered January morning. ...
Craig Holt

Speckled trout are among the most-popular of all inshore saltwater fish in North Carolina waters. Say ‘HI’
Waters around Harkers Island offer great January action on speckled trout.
While it bustles along pretty well from about Easter to Thanksgiving, Harkers Island is a very slow-paced place during the winter — and that’s not a bad thing. About the only people around are the locals and a few hardy fishermen who know the ...
Jerry Dilsaver

The author admires a really nice largemouth bass taken from Lake Wylie on a January trip. Warm-water discharges make fish more active than they are under normal winter conditions. Wylie Wonderland
This border lake is a largemouth bass hotspot in the coldest of weather.
Tarheel State fishermen have a big choice during the winter: stay home and watch television and see guys catch fish from the phosphate pits of Florida or go fishing. ...
Tim Mead