Volume 17 Number 2 - February 2010


Brian Davis of Liberty dropped this fabulous Guilford County buck with a shot at better than 220 yards. 2009-10 Deer of the Year
Hunter selectivity and the two-buck rule created more opportunities for trophy whitetails.
Trophy deer hunting seems to get better in North Carolina every year. The 2009 season was no exception. ...
Craig Holt

Bucks that survive the rigors of the rut can be cut up from antler tines during fights. There can be serious gashes to the chest and sides as well as the neck. Deer Dynamics: Post-Rut
The rut is winding down as bucks come out of overdrive and gradually return to familiar ground. Yet, with shades of testosterone remaining and an occasional female cycling into estrus, a handful of deer are still engaged to procreate.
EDITORíS NOTE: This is part two of a 12-part series in which renowned wildlife photographer Tommy Kirkland gives readers an inside look into the private world of whitetail deer. ...
Tommy Kirkland

Terrial White, Larry Royal, Roland Boney Jr. and Joe Kelly enjoy a rabbit hunt in Duplin County. Ridiní Up Rabbits
The Horsemen Hunting Club has expanded to 15 members, proving rabbit hunting is still popular in the Tar Heel State.
A covey of pickup trucks nestled in the back of a Duplin County farm field, the beds sporting dog boxes empty but for the musty remaining scent of beagles. But the howls, yips and yelps from the thick piney woods surrounding the field revealed ...
Mike Marsh

Larry Essick dredged this nice puppy drum out of a marsh creek off the Cape Fear River. Snap, Crackle, Pop
The February red drum bite in the Cape Fear area can ignite like a string of firecrackers if you know how to light the fuse.
The dead of winter. Itís a term that perfectly describes February. ...
Craig Holt

Jan Peele caught this redfish on the low end of the tide cycle in a backwater creek in the Little River area ó which has no shortage of great habitat for both reds and speckled trout. Stripping for Reds
Clear water and schooling, winter redfish in the Little River area are the perfect match for anglers who love to fly-fish.
The chilly breezes and frigid waters of winter often fail to deter fishermen targeting redfish that prowl the pristine, remote mud flats around the North Carolina-South Carolina border. ...
Jeff Burleson

Mid-lake points are great spots to target Fontana Lakeís winter walleye. Winter Walleye Wonderland
Fontana Lake offers great cold-weather fishing for tasty northern transplants.
Winter in the North Carolina mountains. ...
Tim Mead

Hunters who pay attention to what makes for good squirrel habitat are a step ahead when it comes to putting bushytails in the game bag. ĎPerson-alí Secrets
Squirrel hunting on Person Countyís Hyco and Mayo game lands is usually top drawer this time of year.
Squirrel hunting has fallen down on the list of popular hunting pursuits, but it wasnít always so. ...
Mike Marsh