Volume 17 Number 3 - March 2010


Stocks of “ocean” striped bass and those in the Albemarle Sound area are considered to be in good shape, but fisheries have been closed in the Cape Fear area. 2010 Saltwater Forecast
Anglers should have concerns for many popular saltwater species in North Carolina waters.
Although fisheries biologists reported that four saltwater fisheries improved their status in 2009, the overview for 2010 — particularly for popular species that anglers pursue — isn’t that bright. ...
Craig Holt

Brian Newberger caught this Cape Fear blue catfish on a live eel — a favorite bait of fishermen who patrol the river for catfish. Catting Around the River
Wilmington’s Cape Fear offers anglers a shot at trophy blues and flatheads.
Apparent at a glance was the fact that few fishermen had taken off work at the last-minute notice of a fair-weather forecast. There were just two vehicles towing boat trailers parked at the Wilmington’s Dram Tree Park ramp. A classic 16-foot ...
Mike Marsh

Although bucks are highly aggressive during the rut, they periodically engage in conflict throughout the offseason. Once two mature males of equal status clash, they may battle for dominance through the act of “flailing.” Here they stand upright and, while balancing themselves, swat with their sharp front hooves like boxing contenders.
Deer Dynamics: Casting and Hierarchy
As bucks lose their antlers, both sexes reform the bonds that carry them through the spring and summer.
The rut has come and gone. Bucks that survived hunting season are dropping their battered racks. Though the whitetails are no longer at war for dominance, the competitiveness still exists — even in the off season. ...
Tommy Kirkland

Depending on weather and water conditions, Rodger Taylor will either drift or anchor up when he’s fishing for blue catfish on Mountain Island Lake. He said anchoring up and fan-casting baits is the best way to tangle with a really big fish. Mountain Island Blues
The trophy catfishing on this sleepy Catawba River lake has been a well-kept secret — until now.
Mountain Island Lake is nestled between Lake Norman to the north and Lake Wylie to the south on the Catawba River system. ...
Phillip Gentry

Guide Maynard Edwards said that either Badin or Tuckertown can produce impressive stringers of crappie during March, even with the spawn still weeks away. Slabs on Stage
March on Tuckertown and Badin means top-drawer, prespawn crappie-fishing action.
Crappie fishermen look to the time each spring when the dogwoods bloom as prime time to put spawning slabs in the cooler — and somewhere down the line, into the frying pan. ...
Dan Kibler

Blackfin tuna have been regular visitors to the bluewater off the North Carolina coast, but only in recent years, as numbers of yellowfin tuna have plummeted, have they become a primary target of fishermen trolling offshore. Southport’s Spring Slam
Bluewater fishermen shout ‘wahoo!’ at prospects for early season action.
If the howl of the clicker on a large Penn International reel doesn’t jack your adrenaline, accelerate your heart rate and cause the little hairs on the back of your neck to stand up, this story probably isn’t for you. ...
Jerry Dilsaver

Best bets for shallow-water winter bass are from 7 to 9 a.m. Bass usually move into deeper water by mid-morning. Steam Machine
Belews Lake is the Piedmont area’s top spot for cold-weather, ‘hot-water’ bass fishing.
From mid-February through mid-March, bass fishing often grinds almost to a halt in North Carolina because of cold weather. ...
Craig Holt

  As hints of spring fill the air, crappie take center stage in the Tarheel State.  


Join Camo Coalition, help state’s wildlife

Craig Holt

Greener Pastures
Hunting for the ideal deer tract

Jeff Burleson

Head for the Mountains
Mayflies big blessing for springtime fishing

Robert Satterwhite

High Tides and Tall Tails
Saltwater tournaments come and go

Jerry Dilsaver

Badin tournament date is switched

Tony Garitta

Marine Electronics
Automotive GPS units have leapt miles forward

Allan Tarvid

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