• Volume 17 Number 11 - November 2010


    Effectively reading signposting activity is crucial for hunters to pattern whitetails.

    Along the forest edge, a whitetail buck hesitates beneath the overhanging branches of a pine tree. Then with ease, the animal stretches its neck up toward a particular limb and begins to rub its mouth and forehead on the limb. Closing its eyelids, it resumes this behavior on the tree.

    Gull Rock’s impoundments offer public hunting without special-permit draws.

    Hyde County is so remote there are no bright city lights to haze out a starry sky. But, while it has few human residents, it has an incredible winter population of ducks.

    This Wake Forest hunter carried a big horseshoe last season, but her success was due to strong tactics rather than luck.

    Linda Draheim believes the best way to catch a husband and become a deer hunter is to become a raccoon hunter.

    Unknown plus overlooked equals great fall fishing for stripers and catfish on Roanoke Rapids Lake.

    “Good morning, how was the concert?” were the first words out of guide Don Enderle’s mouth as he poked fun at one of his fishing parties. “Everyone looks pretty good; you must have behaved and not partied too much.

    Target areas and doe groups, not specific bucks, for better success.

    The pictures on the trail camera were more than just encouraging. To bass pro and hunting guide Matt Arey of Shelby, they were a reward for several years of dedicated work in trophy deer management.

    Snead’s Ferry is the center of some of the best fall fishing for specks on the entire coast.

    Trapped between Morehead City and Wilmington lies a quaint fishing village nestled against the stained waters of the New River estuary.