• Volume 18 Number 2 - February 2011


    Nearshore reefs, livebottom and ledges off Little River Inlet offer anglers from both Carolinas some winter wonders.

    In February, weather conditions hit rock bottom in the Carolinas prized waters.

    2010 was another top season for North Carolina trophy bucks.

    From the season’s beginning in September through November’s rut, it quickly became apparent that North Carolina deer hunters experiencing a special year in 2010.

    The weather is frigid. The crappie are beautiful. The fishing is great. Let’s go!

    If you happened to stop by Stokes McClellan’s home in February, chances are, you won’t find him at home. While most fishermen who target crappie are getting ready for spring — re-lining reels, inspecting their stores of crappie jigs and cleaning out their minnow buckets — McClellan is fishing.

    The Pee Dee River flows through both Carolinas and offers anglers the chance to do battle with trophy catfish of all species.

    A rod on the port side of Robbie Burr’s boat dipped toward the water, and line began to peel slowly off the reel. It stopped, then started out again. Natalie, Burr’s 14-year-old daughter, moved toward the rod, lifted it from the rod-holder and began to reel. Battle on!

    Reidsville’s Sandy Brady loves hunting crows, and farmers are glad to have him shoot these crop destroyers.

    It was a typical, pre-dawn February morning in North Carolina’s Piedmont — completely dark and extremely cold. Rolling along, hoarfrost painted feathery patterns on the windshield of Sandy Brady’s SUV, and minutes later, the ground crunched under his feat as he walked the edge of a cornfield, loaded down with bags of decoys and shotguns.

    The White Oak River and Bogue Inlet provide plenty of great year-round spots.

    Located on different sides of the border between Onslow and Carteret counties, the towns of Swansboro and Emerald Isle are tied together as a destination for many fishermen. When headed that way, many fishermen might say they’re going to Swansboro, while others might say they’re going to Emerald Isle — regardless of exactly where they’re actually staying.