Volume 18 Number 5 - May 2011


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North Carolina Sportsman

Yellowfin tuna are a frequent and welcome visitor to Crystal Coast bluewaters. Feeling Blue?
Offshore fishing gets rolling this month off North Carolina’s Cape Lookout
May is an exciting month for offshore fishermen, the month they’ve been waiting for all winter, a prelude to the hot summer and one of the best months of fishing along the Crystal Coast. ...
Richard Andrews

Jack Rich has learned many turkey hunting tips from guides he's later put to good use in North Carolina. Foreign Tactics, Local Gobblers
Having trouble taking late-season toms? These tricks that work elsewhere also work in North Carolina.
Hunting wild turkeys is a lot like the late rounds of a boxing match. ...
Craig Holt

High Rock Lake is full of crappie, with a good percentage of fish pushing or breaking the 1-pound mark like thes two slab specimens. Pushin’, Pullin’ & Rockin'
If you’re a fan of trolling for crappie, High Rock is the place to be this month.
Trolling has become one of the most-effective tactics to catch numbers of crappie and big slabs, but even among trollers, two schools of thought exist as to which presentation is best. You’re either pushin’ or pullin’. ...
Phillip Gentry

Their northward migration brings cobia along the Outer Banks in late spring. Ready, Aim, Cast!
North Carolina’s Outer Banks offers fishermen great chance to sight-fish for cobia.
West of the Mississippi, much of the big-game hunting is visually oriented. Hunters are mobile, game is spotted, stalked and, if all works out, the exercise ends in a harvest. ...
Mike Zlotnick

The marshes behind Topsail Island are full of spots where Stu Calder targets puppy drum. Saltwater Series: Topsail Island
Topsail Beach offers great off-the-beaten-path fishing spots for North Carolina anglers
Topsail Island is one of those spots along the North Carolina coast that is a little off the beaten path but close to larger, more developed areas. Sandwiched between the hustle and bustle of Wrightsville Beach and the U.S. Marine Corps training ...
Jerry Dilsaver

Tracer RLi Lighted Nocks Tracer RLi Lighted Nocks

North Carolina Sportsman

Trick worms are great spring bass baits on Tillery, but soft-plastic stickbaits, topwater baits and small crankbaits Undercover
Lake Tillery’s extensive shallow-water cover can make for some great late-spring bass fishing
When David Bryant heads to Lake Tillery for some late-spring bass fishing, he tries to make sure he tries to cover all his bases — because it’s a “cover” thing. ...
Wes Lewis

  For all of us anglers, the month we've been waiting all year for is finally here!
Photo By Brian Carroll


Check the fine print for urban archery shots

Craig Holt

Greener Pastures
Spring, summer are protein times

Jeff Burleson

Head for the Mountains
Bless the brookie; he needs some help

Robert Satterwhite

High Tides and Tall Tails
Saltwater fly-fishing for dummies

Jerry Dilsaver

Thrift bags win at Beaver Lake

Tony Garitta

Lunker Lines
Pick a color, any color — maybe

David Fritts

Marine Electronics
Getting it right the first time

Allan Tarvid

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