Volume 18 Number 9 - September 2011


North Carolinaís game lands provide hunters with some excellent deer hunting in every corner of the state.

2011-12 Game Lands Forecast
Where to go in North Carolina to find great deer, duck, bear and small-game hunting on public lands.
North Carolina has two million acres of public hunting lands on 89 game lands that dot the landscape from the ocean to the western border, a distance of approximately 500 miles. ...
Craig Holt

Topwater baits will often do a number of New River redfish in the fall when the tremendous amount of forage available sends reds on a feeding binge that lasts several months. A 'New' Shade of Red
Sneads Ferry and New River make up a fall redfish hotspot like none other along North Carolinaís coastline.
The New River is the only river in North Carolina that begins and ends in the same county, but thatís not the only reason itís recognized. Fall fishing on the watercourse should get it plenty of notice, and with good reason. ...
Jeff Burleson

Capt. Butch Foster puts the hoist on a tremendous red grouper caught offshore of Southport this past summer. Autumn Down Low
Bottom-fishing along the North Carolina coast isnít just a summertime activity. Fall action can be excellent, according to one Southport captain.
Like many North Carolina charterboat captains, Butch Foster of Southport migrated to the coast from inland after spending many vacations there, finally deciding to make it his permanent home. ...
Craig Holt

Dove-Day Afternoon Dove-Day Afternoon
Opening Day of dove season in North Carolina can be an afternoon to remember
The gray, feathered missile bobbed and weaved, riding the afternoon breeze as several loads of No. 8 lead shot narrowly missed making contact and sending it tumbling to the ground. ...
Jerry Dilsaver

Ice and sleet pelt down during a permit-only waterfowl hunt at Lake Mattamuskeet.

Ducks on the Dole
Some of North Carolinaís best waterfowl hunting is open to the public -- if you apply for a permit.
Itís said that you should be prudent about what you wish for, because you might get it. Then again, one manís disaster can be anotherís opportunity. ...
Craig Holt

Redfish usually take a back seat to flounder as anglersí targets in the Southport area, but that doesnít mean the waters around the little fishing village near the mouth of the Cape Fear River arenít full of nice ones. Saltwater Series: Southport
This sleepy village has more than its share of great fishing holes.
Southport is one of those places just about everyone has heard about and some have fished. It is a sleepy tourist and fishing town on the mainland near the mouth of the Cape Fear River. ...
Jerry Dilsaver

The New River produced this fine smallmouth bass; the North Carolina section of the river has four fine floats. Think Small(mouth)
Western North Carolina rivers are smallmouth havens for anglers with a sense of adventure.
Last July, when West Jeffersonís Ben Lucas and I glimpsed the deep-water ledge 50 yards downstream from us on the South Fork of the New River, we knew exactly how to double-team it. ...
Bruce Ingram