Volume 19 Number 4 - April 2012


What do North Carolina’s coastal and offshore waters hold for fishermen this year? Maybe not a trophy like this red grouper for everyone, but some fish for all. 2012 Saltwater Preview
Fishing should be decent, but changes may be coming
Saltwater fishing in North Carolina, offshore and in coastal waters, shouldn’t be much different in 2012 from the recent past.

Changes may be coming, with the state legislature’s Committee on Marine Fisheries studying a number of ...

Craig Holt

Hunters who travel across North Carolina often need a change of tactics to bag a smart gobbler. All Terrain, All Turkeys
A change of tactics is necessary for North Carolina hunters who travel to different areas of the state in search of nice gobblers.
The morning hunt had been perplexing. By 8:45, only two toms had sounded off a total of four times on Arthur Dick’s 1,800-acre Willow Oaks Plantation in Rockingham County outside of Eden.

“We have so many gobblers and hens here,” ...

Bruce Ingram

Angler Mike Davis likes to fish a jig shallow around shoreline cover if he can find stained to dingy water at Badin Lake. Badin’s Bass Basics
Chose your water — clear or dirty — and set out to catch that big bass this month by following these experts’ advice.
Badin Lake is full of big bass. To catch them this month, you’ll first have to decide whether you want to fish clean or dirty water. The clean water is for the patient fisherman who favors finesse techniques to catch spawning bass. The dirty water ...
Glenn Hudson

Bass fishing in North Carolina doesn’t get any finer than here in April. Lake of the Month: Jordan Lake
Bass fishing in North Carolina can’t get much better than this in April
The glory days of largemouth bass fishing at Jordan Lake are long gone.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers closed the dam to impound the Haw River and New Hope Creek in 1973, and it took until 1984 to get the lake to full pool. Bass ...

Craig Holt

This  beautiful smallmouth from the Little Tennessee River fell to a popping bug. Mountain Slam
Graham and Swain counties offer trout, walleye and smallmouth bass to anglers with a hankering for the fun of a mixed bag.
When I was a boy growing up in the heart of the Smokies, my Grandpa Joe used to say, in his pithy way, “There ain’t nothing like April.”

His perspective embraced a variety of considerations — joy that the miseries of winter and ...

Jim Casada

Nice reds fresh from the ocean roll into the Cape Fear River in April. The Reds of Spring
Moving from the ocean to the Cape Fear River, redfish give Wilmington-area fishermen plenty of opportunities in April.
Capt. Stu Caulder discussed the day’s gameplan with his fishing party while idling through a No Wake zone in the Intracoastal Waterway at Wrightsville Beach.

The target was redfish, and Caulder figured that on a nice, April day, a ...

Jerry Dilsaver

Captains from North Carolina’s Cape Fear region take full advantage of a great springtime wahoo run. Wired for Wahoo
Cape Fear captains take full advantage of a great springtime run of these fast, aggressive fish. Here’s how to join them:
Capt. Butch Foster fired up the engines of Yeah Right, his 34-foot Chris Craft. On a chilly spring morning, his fishing party for the day was inside Southport Marina, drinking steaming cups of coffee.

The were all getting wired for ...

Mike Marsh

  Great spring days are in store for flounder anglers and turkey hunters.
Photo By Capt. Noah Lynk


Plovers, sea bass show public’s plight

Craig Holt

Greener Pastures
Plant new hybrids

Jeff Burleson

Head for the Mountains
Cherokee waters on mend

Robert Satterwhite

High Tides and Tall Tails
Filling fisherman’s needs

Jerry Dilsaver

Tournament winners round-up

Tony Garitta

Lunker Lines
One speed fits all?

David Fritts

Marine Electronics
Seat-of-your-pants orientation rules

Allan Tarvid

The Shootist
The art of the rifle ... 3

Gordon Hutchinson

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