Volume 19 Number 5 - May 2012


The waters off Cape Lookout teem with cobia this month, just waiting for you to single them out for attention. A Sight for Sore Eyes
Take a look this month and find Cape Lookout cobia action. Hereís how.
Nothing breaks the ice for saltwater anglers seeking big fish like the spring cobia run. The fish swarm the Crystal Coast in May, with the epicenter of the action being Morehead City.

While the majority of fishermen soak either live ...

Mike Marsh

The western side of Badin Lake is what locals refer to as Badinís Spring Formal
Despite what you might have heard, Badin Lake stripers are still alive and ready to dance.
In the eyes of a striped bass fisherman, there is no more repulsive sight than to be out on the water and find the floating carcasses of your favorite quarry.

Fish kills strike a variety of species for a variety of reasons, but they ...

Phillip Gentry

The fight is over as this white marlin is held at the transom by the mate, who will remove the hook and release the fish. Banking on Billfish
The Outer Banks has some of the best marlin fishing on the planet, and May is a great month for the big blue ones and the white acrobats.
At the edge of the Gulf Stream, 30 miles out of Oregon Inlet, Jimmy Hillsman struggled to fit the last dolphin into the fishbox. With a limit of gaffers under their belt and the whole day ahead, Hillsman looked up at Jason Snead on the bridge and ...
Ric Burnley

Ivan Morris said Lake Gastonís bass are in transition around the spawn in May. Lake of the month: Lake Gaston
This Roanoke River impoundment may have the regionís healthiest bass population.
Lake Gaston may be the premier largemouth bass lake shared by North Carolina and Virginia.

Thatís a bold statement about a body of water just downstream of massive John H. Kerr Reservoir and about half its size.

But ...

Craig Holt

Tracey Smith shows off a stringer of crappie caught at Tar River Reservoir. The largest fish weighed nearly two pounds. Little Lake, Big Slabs
The Tar River Reservior has produced the last two state-record white crappie. Hereís how to mine its finny riches.
Lightning may not strike twice in the same place, but the old adage apparently doesnít apply to crappie fishing. Over a period of less than four weeks two springs ago, two Nashville anglers caught state-record white crappie at the relatively small ...
Mike Marsh

Dates for North Carolinaís spring turkey season are set to ensure that the first peak of the breeding (and gobbling) is finished before hunters are in the woods. The Lull Ainít Dull
Two periods of sparse gobbling each spring worry some North Carolina hunters, but one expert offers tips to tag a wild turkey.
Being enraptured by the pursuit of wild turkeys is akin to enslavement by alcohol, cocaine, tobacco, gambling, golf or strange women.

The main advantage turkey hunting has over these other activities is it isnít quite as hurtful to ...

Craig Holt

With fuel prices so high, more and more fishermen are choosing to stay closer to port. The Spanish Armada
When the Ďprinceí mackerel arrive off Little River, fishermen on both sides of the state line can have plenty of fun.
Itís a long run from Little River Inlet to the bluewater where the tuna, dolphin, wahoo and billfish swim, and with fuel prices moving into the $4 neighborhood, you canít blame a lot of fishermen for choosing to stay closer to port.

Dan Kibler

  Spanish mackerel swarm the waters off Little River, while Lake Gaston bass are just waiting to be caught.
Photo By Ann Taylor


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