Volume 19 Number 10 - October 2012


Food plots, including those with rye and clover, are often excellent places to catch big bucks sneaking into feed in October. East vs. West: Hunting tactics to put blackpowder deer on the ground
Because smokepole season dates differ, hunters from across North Carolina must use different tactics to put venison in the freezer and racks on the wall.

With North Carolina’s deer seasons divided into four regions by the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission — along with seasons that cater to three different kinds weapons — hunters find themselves in different weather and ...
Craig Holt

Threadfin shad are the primary baitfish at Shearon Harris Lake and a favorite meal for largemouth bass. Let’s go live
This Shearon Harris guide goes against the grain and targets deep bass with live shad.
Guide Greg Griffin of Holly Sprints is a live-bait specialist who dangles natural baits in front of fish instead of artificial replicas.

Griffin’s approach, mainly on display at Shearon Harris Lake, isn’t unique, in that many ...

Tony Garitta

Relatively few bucks will be taken during primitive weapons seasons in eastern North Carolina, leaving plenty for gun hunters. October’s 3 F’s: Food, frost & females
Pay attention to these factors to fill your buck tag this fall.
As autumn arrives in North Carolinas, hunters in the Eastern deer section get the first shot at a trophy buck, while the rest of the state’s hunters are still launching razor-tipped arrows. On Oct. 13, deer in the eastern third of the state will no ...
Jeff Burleson

Guide George Beckwith gets ready to release an under-slot puppy drum into the lower Neuse River. Prospecting in the Neuse
Structure is rare, so find some and cash in on this river’s best fishing.
George Beckwith had barely closed the bail on his spinning reel when his rod tip bounced, not the solid thump of a redfish or flounder, but the peck of one of many bait thieves in the lower Neuse River. In just a few seconds, the peck came back ...
Jerry Dilsaver

The fall spot run will draw fishermen from across North Carolina to ocean piers. Right on the Spot!
The fall run of this tasty saltwater panfish brings fishermen from across North Carolina to coastal piers.
A crisp wind out of the northeast forced dozens of anglers standing along the wooden rails to cinch down the hoods of their jackets, raincoats and sweatshirts. Peeking out from beneath the cap bills were the happy faces of anglers of all ages and ...
Mike Marsh

The jetties at Masonboro Inlet make the Wrightsville Beach area a must stop for fishermen targeting speckled trout in the fall. Target big speckled trout on the jetties at Masonboro Inlet
Gator trout love the fall weather, and this is why anglers do too

Among the distinguished chains of islands of the Cape Fear coast lies the radiant coastal community of Wrightsville Beach. Popular among locals and tourists for its gin-clear waters, high surf and dazzling shorelines, the fishing can also be ...
Jeff Burleson

Some of the best public deer hunting in eastern North Carolina takes place in Angola Bay and Holly Shelter game lands. The Eastern Deer Duo
Angola Bay and Holly Shelter game lands offer hunters a little bit of everything on tracts of land that are anything but little.
Along a sandy road winding through a wiregrass ridge shaded by longleaf pines, a pickup truck parked. Tied atop a kennel built into the pickup bed was a buck with a pair of long, sickle-shaped antlers. The “cowhorn” was the first deer of the season ...
Mike Marsh

  The rut is just around the corner, so North Carolina hunters need to find a corner in the woods where big bucks can be ambushed.
Photo By John Ford


New deer strategy: Will the plan work?

Craig Holt

Greener Pastures
Do your duck homework

Jeff Burleson

Head for the Mountains
Don’t ‘spare’ the rod

Robert Satterwhite

High Tides and Tall Tails
Time to ‘hang a net’

Jerry Dilsaver

Thrift third in FLW finale

Tony Garitta

Lunker Lines
October back to ‘normal’

David Fritts

Marine Electronics
The most important electrical impulses are between your ears

Allan Tarvid

The Shootist
Smith & Wesson hits the ‘sweet spot’ with their new Shield

Gordon Hutchinson

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