Volume 19 Number 12 - December 2012


Not all of the big bucks walking North Carolina’s forests and fields are tagged during the rut; plenty are left for the hunter who keeps trying until the bitter end, especially on public land. Better late than never
The rut is over, but North Carolina hunters still have several weeks of the season left to line up that big buck using these experts’ tips.
The last month of the year brings brisk morning air to the hills and valleys of the Tarheel State, and while many deer hunters have put their boots and rifles into semi-retirement, December can be extremely productive in terms of encountering a ...
Jeff Burleson

More hunters are trading in their compound bows for cross bows. Crossing over
The latest innovations and relaxed hunting regulations are putting more crossbows in the hands of eastern North Carolina deer hunters. Here’s why.
Jerry Simmons of Castle Hayne made his rounds, checking out the ground blinds and elevated stands he and his son Jerry Simmons Jr. were planning to hunt later that afternoon. Instead of avoiding the areas, he was spilling corn from the tailgate of ...
Mike Marsh

Guide Adam Jones admies a nice take of diving ducks from his scissors-rig boat. Cutting up sea ducks
Scissors-rig hunting is exciting approach to Pamlico ducks. Learn the details here.
Camouflage is a key element of successful hunting, especially for waterfowl.

But the art of hiding from wild game has changed over time. Native Americans once concealed themselves inside animal skins or attached leaves and grasses to ...

Craig Holt

Warm water from a power-plant discharge will fool gamefish like this bass into thinking it’s really springtime instead of early winter. Hot Hole Fishing
Lakes with warm-water discharges from power plants keep fish feeding actively throughout the winter. Learn from these experts how to find and fish them.
North Carolina usually doesn’t get its coldest winter weather until about the third week of January, but some years – 2010 and 2011 being fine examples — the freeze arrives in time for the Christmas holidays.

While cold, cold weather ...

Dan Kibler

Jody Gay brings a nice gag grouper aboard after hooking up on an offshore ledge out of Morehead City. Last-Chance Grouper
Great grouper fishing is available out of Morehead City this month, before the season closes. Learn the details here.
Diehard grouper fishermen once headed for the ledges in spring before a January-to-April season closure changed their habits. Now, many fishermen are experiencing their best action in the final month they can these fish.

Capt. Mike ...

Mike Marsh

This Pamlico River striper is typical of the ‘resident’ fish that stay in the river and Pamlico Sound almost year-round. The ‘lines’ of winter
Winter striped bass fishing can be action packed at the Pamlico River and its feeder creeks. Read on to learn how to get in on the fishing madness.
Most North Carolina anglers know about the striped bass migration in the Roanoke River. The “rockfish run” draws thousands of fishermen each March, April and May.

These “linesiders” spawn each spring, moving out of the Pamlico Sound ...

Craig Holt

Speckled trout feed more actively after the water cools in the late fall. The ‘New” side of speckled trout
Onslow County’s river is top spot for spotted seatrout as fall gives way to winter. Learn the hows and whys here.
While Ricky Kellum is an accomplished inshore fisherman for several species, he is considered “The Man” for specks in the New River and in the Intracoastal Waterway around Camp Lejeune and Sneads Ferry. A guide based in Jacksonville, Kellum spends ...
Jerry Dilsaver

  Johnathan McVey killed this monster buck in Orange County on the first day of the blackpowder season.  


Chatham church knows the best gift

Craig Holt

Greener Pastures
Give plots ‘vitamin’ shots

Jeff Burleson

Head for the Mountains
Not ‘Tuck-ed’ away

Robert Satterwhite

High Tides and Tall Tails
Wise sportsman’s gifts

Jerry Dilsaver

Cherry makes Classic field

Tony Garitta

Lunker Lines
Going back to reel basics

David Fritts

Marine Electronics
Lowrance introduces new touchscreen unit, custom contour mapping service

Allan Tarvid

The Shootist
The short, fat paradox

Gordon Hutchinson

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