Volume 21 Number 3 - March 2014


The striped bass fishery in the Albemarle and Roanoke sounds is healthy, despite lower population numbers. 2014 Saltwater Outlook
Status of most species change very little, but questions remain

The prospects for saltwater fish species changed negligibly last year, according to stock-status reports from the N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries.

Oddly enough, the anecdotal experiences of coastal residents, guides, captains and ...
Craig Holt

Big largemouth bass start to stir at Falls of Neuse Lake in late February and are going great guns through most of March. Falls Lake’s March Madness - March bass fishing can be madness on Falls of the Neuse Lake
Look for water temperatures in the mid-50s and get out your bass tackle at Falls of the Neuse Lake.

Fishing during the prespawn can be some of the most-rewarding experiences for a bass angler. Fish that have been under the influence of winter weather are beginning to stretch their gills and begin to engage in the natural process of ...
Jason Hawkins

The author had a close encounter with this huge Badin Lake blue catfish last winter. Feelin’ blue at Badin Lake
Watch for moving water and get fresh baits on the bottom for big Badin blue catfish.

Peering through the first of rays of sunlight across the glassy surface of Badin Lake, it’s a little difficult to fully comprehend how many huge blue catfish are swimming around in the lake, one of a handful of Piedmont reservoirs on the ...
Jerry Dilsaver

Hyde County creeks, rivers and bays offer great inshore saltwater habitat. Seek reds where they Hyde in western Pamlico
More fishermen are finding out about Hyde County’s underused fishery.

Just a few yards into a small creek off Rose Bay, near Swan Quarter in Hyde County, the mud trails of several puppy drum that spooked from Capt. Richard Andrews’ boat passing nearly silently overhead gave away their presence. Andrews ...
Jerry Dilsaver

Jordan Lake’s crappie fishery has recovered from a 2011 die-off and has returned to top-drawer status. Slab royalty - Is Jordan Lake the king of North Carolina’s crappie mountain once again?
Experts, biologists expect great spring fishing for crappie on Jordan Lake.

Fishermen have lamented for two years, wondering what happened to B. Everett Jordan Lake, one of North Carolina’s best reservoirs for crappie.

At about the time that biologists figured it what caused a 2011 fish kill on the ...
Craig Holt

Top-shelf Tackle Top-shelf Tackle
Are you ready for your time on the water? Here are some of the best fishing products being offered this year to help you maximize your efforts.

They haven’t invented any new fish that we’re aware of, but the fishing industry never lets us down in terms of new products to help us catch all those fish that we know and love.

So if you’re looking for new gear to ...
David A. Brown

Ed Duke of Concord is sure he’s one of the few fishermen in North Carolina who knows exactly how good the crappie fishing can be at Blewett Falls Lake. Unknown Slab Heaven - Blewett Falls Lake is North Carolina’s best unknown crappie fishery
The action starts late on Blewett Falls, but the crappie fishing is unbeatable.

It’s hard to believe that a major public reservoir with a fantastic fishery exists with hardly anyone knowing about it. In today’s world of high technology — sonar units practically detect fish at the push of a button, internet ...
Phillip Gentry

Bass fishing gets cranked up on Lake Wylie early, but fish are usually on the move. Wylie’s wandering whoppers - Learn how to fish both Marches for Lake Wylie bass
Follow Lake Wylie bass as they move from deep to shallow this month.

Gastonia’s Mike Stone was casting a jerkbait across a point near Lake Wylie’s Buster Boyd Bridge; he gave the bait another twitch, let it settle, then a smile spread across his face as he set the hook and began to reel in a 3 ...
Brian Cope


Big crappie are ready to be caught in almost every North Carolina reservoir this month. We give you the best options.

Photo By Terry Madewell


Dixie Deer Classic is beginning and end

Craig Holt

Greener Pastures
Consider no-till drilling

Jeff Burleson

Head for the Mountains
Noland is a Smoky jewel

Robert Satterwhite

High Tides and Tall Tails
Big Rock’s show stoppers

Jerry Dilsaver

Know Fishing
Time for the big move

Dustin Wilks

Lure Review
Chikara crankbaits

Don Shoopman

Marine Electronics
Garmin catches up (and then some)

Allan Tarvid

The Shootist
Turkey patterns and cleaning tips

Gordon Hutchinson

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