Volume 21 Number 4 - April 2014


The spring striper run up the Roanoke River is famous, but the fishing is just as good in the Albemarle Sound before the spawning run begins. Albemarle Sound stripers are there for the taking before the spawning run begins
Trolling or casting both produce plenty of striped bass in the Albemarle Sound this month.

Stripers are one of the winter staples for fishermen in Albemarle Sound, and Capt. Karl Helmkamp of Fistful Charters knows all about them, especially how to catch them.


Jerry Dilsaver

Ride the bass wave to great fishing at Lake Hickory. April is prime time to catch lots of nice largemouth bass on Lake Hickory.
Treat this Catawba River reservoir like a big creek and target bass in the cuts and pockets.

Bass pro Tracy Adams has made no bones about the fact that he’s most comfortable fishing for bass in shallow water. He loves picking up his baitcasting rod and flipping or pitching soft-plastic crawfish baits into a couple of feet of ...
Dan Kibler

Colorful and aggressive, a hungry dolphin will hit just about anything in front of its nose that even remotely resembles a meal. Dancing with the dolphins is a real possibility for North Carolinaís offshore fishermen in April
One of the oceanís most-colorful fish will fall for colorful baits as the spring season kicks off.

Peanuts. Gaffers. Slingers. Bailers. Goats of the sea. These all reference the fish known as dolphin or Mahi-Mahi. They are the most plentiful of offshore sportfish, and though they primarily course the warm waters of the Gulf Stream, by ...
Jason Hawkins

A gobbler with hens is one of the toughest birds to call into shotgun range, but there is hope, one expert says. Donít give up on tough gobblers, just change your tactics and fill your tag
Wilkes County call-maker has ideas about working birds that are especially difficult.

Very few wild turkeys are “easy” for hunters, but some are easier than others. Those gobblers that gobble at your first call on opening day and sail down within shotgun range fit in this category, along with the ones that respond the ...
Bruce Ingram

Hunting pressure is the biggest obstacle to taking public-land turkeys. Hereís how to overcome it in the Carolinas. Millions of acres of public land gives hunters in the Carolinas a real shot at a turkey gobbler this month -- if theyíre up to the task.
Get away from the crowds and use late-season tactics early on to get a jump on a public-land gobbler in the Carolinas.

In many places, spring means many things to many people, but for the diehard hunter who calls the Carolinas home, it’s full of sitting, listening and stalking a gobbling tom. It’s turkey season, and the millions of acres of public ...
Jeff Burleson

For spring bass fishing, North Carolina anglers will be hard-pressed to beat Randleman Reservoir. Relatively new Randleman Reservoir has all the makings of a great spring bass lake
Fish visible shoreline cover and cash in on Randlemanís treasure trove of largemouth bass.

If February and March are months when a queen-size bass might show interest in a lure, April is the time that anglers have the best chance to encounter truckloads of chubs.


Craig Holt

A spinnerbait can be a very effective prespawn bait on Kerr Lake when bass move into the shallows this month. Water level, water temperature will lead anglers to Kerr Lake bass as the spawn approaches.
Lipless baits are important weapons when Kerr Lake bass start to move toward the shallows.

When the warm, afternoon sun warms the shallows to the 45- to 52-degree range, the underwater world at Kerr Lake, aka Buggs Island, becomes a stage for largemouth bass. They’ll start transitioning from their winter haunts to staging areas ...
Tony Garitta


Try Lake Hickory, Randleman Reservoir and Kerr Lake this month for some top-drawer action on largemouths.

Photo By Dan Kibler


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