Fishing around tight cover is inevitable along the Lynches River, because tight cover holds fish.

When using live bait, a slip cork is the difference between catching a fish and getting your line tangled. With slip corks, anglers can fish at any depth without having to cast a 2-foot (or longer)) section of line.

Slip corks come with a pre-threaded knot that slides onto fishing line. Anglers slide the knot to the desired fishing depth, and the cork slides freely, stopping at the knot once on the water. Casting is a breeze, because the cork slides all the way down to the hook, and allows pinpoint accuracy through even the tightest cover.

The Everlasting Slip Bobber, the Wing-It, and Thill slip corks are some of the better brands available, and these will save frustration over cheap corks that can refuse to slide freely - and even cut your line - when their edges become brittle and jagged.