Guide Chris Heinning readily admits he'll use every advantage he can get when bass fishing. This is be particularly true for the hot weather associated with July.

"At Lake Wateree, I always try to get out on the lake before daylight and be at my first fishing place by the time it begins to get light," Heinning said. "If there's going to be any shallow-water action with quality fish, it's likely to be in that first 30 minutes to an hour at first light. After that, it's back to deeper water. The early morning lures that produce best are spinnerbaits or lipless crankbaits worked fast, as well as topwater lures such as a popping bait or walk-the-dog type lure. I'll work all of these lures pretty fast, because the high water temperature has the bass that are in shallow water in a feeding mode."

"Another factor I'll take advantage of when I can is when we do get a heavy rain," he said. "During July, it may be a localized rain, but if a thunderstorm dumps a bunch of water, and we get fresh water flowing into the lake, that can be a great place to fish. Once the muddy water starts flowing in, the action turns off. This can be a short-term but excellent opportunity to find feeding fish in shallower water.