A Florida man hunting wild hogs in Greenwood County was shot and killed Saturday by a fellow hunter from Florida, according to law enforcement officials.

Sonny Cox, Greenwood County's coroner, identified the victim as Robert Arthur Iselin Jr., 51, of Jacksonville, Fla. Investigators said Iselin died as a result of a gunshot wound to his chest.

Capt. Robert McCullough of the S.C. Department of Natural Resources said that Lucus J. Brickweg, 25, of Satellite Beach, Fla., was charged with criminal use of a firearm and hunting without a license.

McCullough said Iselin and Brickweg were part of a group of five hunters, four of them from Florida and one from Greenwood, who said they were hunting hogs.

"The investigation is still underway to determine if the other hunters had proper licenses. There may or may not be any more charges, depending on the investigation," McCullough said.

He said SCDNR received a call about the shooting about 9 a.m. Saturday and dispatched an officer to the scene, a wooded area on private land off Carter Rd. near Ninety Six. Iselin had driven Brickweg to his stand on his 4-wheeler and was on the way to his stand when the shooting occurred.

McCullough said Brickweg apparently shot at some movement in the bushes; foul play is not suspected. Iselin had gotten off his 4-wheeler and was walking to his stand when he was hit with one round from a 30-06 rifle.

"The shooter heard something or saw something and fired," McCullough said. "He waited and didn't see anyone or didn't hear anything else. About 10 minutes later, he got down and went over and found his buddy was lying there."

McCullough said the incident shows the need for hunters to practice safety at all times.

"Although it is not required all the time, we recommend wearing international orange to identify you as something not to be shot at," he said. "Always be safe. Know your target and what is behind it."