To hunt alligators, you need something to connect with them that will allow you to drag them to the boat to be dispatched.

For hunters using snatch hooks, a strong, surf-fishing outfit loaded with 80-pound braided line and a 12/0, weighted snatch treble hook. Casts of 100 feet or more are possible with this outfit, although shorter casts are far more accurate.

If bow hunting, using a solid fiberglass arrow tipped with a tip such as the Muzzy Gator Point is sufficient. Make sure the end of the line is not attached to your bow; a swimming gator can pull your bow out of your hands and get away fast. Some hunters will attach the end of the arrow line to a large float, while others tie the arrow to a rod and reel for retrieval.

Harpoons usually have a breakaway tip attached to a long, heavy pole. When the harpoon is thrust into the alligator, the tip is attached to a rope secured to the boat. This allows for a hand-fight with larger gators.