In October and November, it no longer takes an early bird to catch a trout.

According to guide Rob Bennett, the best trout bite is no longer first thing in the morning, as it is most of the summer, but later in the day as the water warms.

“I’ve found the best days are when you can catch low tide right when the sun comes up; if you get that setup, that’s phenomenal for trout. It’s sort of like you’ve got both things (the sun and the tide) moving in the same direction,” Bennett said. “You’re catching them on up in the morning as the tide comes in.

“In October and November, early in the morning doesn’t seem to matter as much as it does in July, August in September. They love daybreak in the summer, but in September, you start to catch trout up in the day.

“The trout you catch in September, they’re starting to feed back up after the spawn; most of the trout you catch won’t have any roe in them.”