Glen Oberacker remembers the day he realized he needed a better way to store all the rigs he carried offshore to bottomfish.

“I went fishing offshore out of Jupiter (Fla.), and I had a dozen live-bait grouper rigs tied up,” Oberacker said. “I went looking for them in my tackle box, and there was just a big mess. It was a light-bulb moment for me.”

Oberacker returned to the docks that day determined to come up with a better way to store pre-tied rigs for all kinds of fishing, and what he came up with was the RigRap system, which debuted this year.

RigRaps are light, plastic boxes of various sizes that will neatly hold individual, pre-tied rigs until they’re called upon to catch a flounder, speckled trout, grouper or even largemouth bass. Need to tie on a new Carolina rig leader? Open the box, unwind the leader, tie the running line to the swivel and you’re ready. When you’re finished, place the swivel in the middle of the box, then wind the line around a raised, plastic oval and clip the hook back in next to the swivel.      

A soft-sided box is available that can hold as many as 75 RigRap boxes, and smaller plastic cases can hold RigRap boxes of various shapes and sizes. The cases can be threaded onto Velcro straps that can be fastened to console railings or T-Top supports. Made to drain off any water, they can also be lined up on a length of monofilament tied to between T-Top supports or console railings for easy access.

RigRap boxes of various sizes can handle Alabama rigs for bass fishermen or big, cup-faced trolling lures for bluewater anglers – plus almost anything in between. The makers of Ziploc bags will probably take a big hit to their profit margins when fishermen discover that they don’t need to fill their tackle boxes with sandwich bags holding two-hook flounder rigs or Carolina rig leaders.