“Coming from the treeline!” “Straight overhead!” “Back corner!” These shouts were all repeated numerous times throughout Saturday’s opening day dove shoot at Field and Fin Adventures in Loris, for their first annual VIP dove hunt. Predictably, a volley of shotgun pellets filled the air after most of these shouts, and when the day was done, pretty much any hunter who pulled the trigger often enough had their limit of doves.

After a traditional opening-day lunch, about forty-five hunters entered one field that was so full of doves “it felt like Argentina at times,” said one hunter. This field had the three main ingredients that make up a successful dove shoot, according to Field and Fin’s owner, Luke Board.

“Everybody knows you’ve got to have a food source to get the doves coming in, but you really need three things. Food, water, and gravel. If you’ve got two of those things, you won’t get near the number of birds as you will when you have all three,” said Board (336-259-8300). 

Field and Fin definitely has all three. With several ponds on the 1000+ acre tract, fields mixed with corn and sunflowers, and gravel throughout the property, this is definitely a haven for doves, as well as other wildlife.

This property actually goes above and beyond the three main ingredients. With the dove field surrounded by mature trees on three sides and high brush on the fourth, along with a power line running down one edge, doves have plenty of places to roost or just perch for a rest. The shadows presented by the trees also give shade to hunters and conceal their movements, which keep the birds confident that everything is kosher.

Several hunters brought Mojo motorized dove decoys and set them up. These decoys simulate low-flying birds, and draw in doves that would otherwise take another flight path. Some hunters brought their own dogs to retrieve downed birds, but others relied on their own ability to find theirs. Board’s daughter, 11-year old Kenedi Board said there is only one sure-fire way to find every bird you shoot. “You watch where it falls, mark it, make sure your gun is on safety, then walk to that bird without taking your eyes off the mark. If you look up to watch other birds coming in, or take a shot at other birds, you’re going to forget your mark,” she said.

Field and Fin is open to the public, and besides dove hunting, Board’s business partner Roger Cox said the property offers hunts for deer, quail, turkey, and pheasant, as well as fishing and golf. “This is really our passion. We’ve been enjoying this land for years with our families and we figured out how to do things right, and now we’re opening it up to the public. We want everyone to be able to experience the outdoors the way we always have, and we’ve got everything here to make sure they will have a first-class experience,” he said.

For more information and to book your next outdoor adventure, visit www.fieldandfinadventures.com.