Among his many talents, Roger Metz is a great storyteller. He tells this story of a black-powder 2005 deer hunt in Chester County. It has a happy ending for everyone except the deer — and Metz’s brother, Paul.

“It was a Wednesday, October something or another, during primitive weapons season in 2005,” Metz said. “Brother and I were hunting together. He killed one in the morning while we were hunting separately. We said whoever killed a deer in the morning would film the other in the afternoon. So we went over to the stand in the afternoon. Paul had the video camera, a backpack video camera. As we were approaching the stand that sits on a food plot, we could see a deer in the food plot: a 6-point buck.

“We hunkered down on the ground, and I crawled forward. By the time I got set and all, the deer was stepping into some pine trees. I take aim, pull the trigger, and smoke goes everywhere — couldn’t see what happened or anything.  

“We started looking for the deer but couldn’t find it. I went into the pine trees, a couple of rows in, and started walking up.  Paul had walked down another path that we’d mowed with a lawn mower. Paul was just on the other side of a cedar tree as I walked that row of trees, when I heard the deer get up. I said, ‘He’s coming out.’  

“Paul turns around, and the deer went from me to that path on the other side of the cedar tree. He and Paul met head on. I can’t see, but I heard, ‘Oh!’ and ‘Uoohh’ — a slow moaning and groaning sound. When I get over there, the video camera is there on the ground, and Paul is on the ground beside it. I said, ‘Are you all right?’ He said, ‘I just got run over by a deer.’ I said, ‘Please tell me you had the video on.’  He didn’t. 

“Paul had managed to grab the horns as the deer hit him, so he didn’t get gored, but he had bruises on his legs, on his chest.  That deer just ran him over. That was on Wednesday.  

“The next Saturday, I took my daughter, Jordan, to the same stand in the afternoon, and the same 6-point came out. He wasn’t limping. I said, ‘Jordan, that’s the same deer that ran over Uncle Paul.’

“So, I go to shoot the deer, and it’s the only time I ever had a problem with this flintlock rifle. In fact I pulled the trigger three times. I had one misfire, never even a spark; Second pull, I had a flash in the pan. Finally, on the third shot, I got the thing to go off and killed the deer.

“Jordan and I got to him and turned him over to take him home, and about 2 inches up, he had an entry hole and an exit hole.  That first shot on Wednesday had gone in just underneath the rib cage and out the other side, and he came back where I killed him in the same spot four days later.

“The best part of it all, when we got home, my daughter called my brother and said, ‘Uncle Paul, we got that deer that tried to kill you the other day.’”

Roger Metz’s radio program,” Woods and Water SC” can be heard on 94.5/WGTK-FM, Saturdays from 3 to 4 p.m.