The correct bait for flounder fishing is, well, a live mud minnow, mullet, menhaden or even larger baitfish, or any one of a number of soft-plastic baits that can be threaded onto a jighead or a swimbait hook.

Numerous soft-plastic baits are on the market that extoll their appeal to one or more species of fish, but few if any developments in the basic hook set-up that is used to get the angler’s point across to the fish. Until now.

Betts Tackle Company has developed, specifically for flounder, its Flounder Fanatic jighead. The hook is positioned sideways as opposed to vertically, the theory being that since the flounder’s mouth is actually sideways, the flounder can more easily get the hook in its mouth.

The jighead has a built-in weed guard and comes with a small rubber bait keeper. To keep live bait on the hook, bait keepers are enclosed.

The Flounder Fanatic comes in a variety of weights, from 1/8-ounce all the way to 1 ½ ounces.