South Carolina’s Z-Man Fishing Products has introduced a combo intended to appeal to speckled trout and the anglers who target them, a TroutTrick soft-plastic lure that’s mated with a Trout Eye jighead.

The TroutTrick was developed by Bob Sanders, a former Florida bass pro who is now guiding inshore saltwater fishermen in the waters near his home in Edisto, S.C. It’s a slender, 5-inch bait with a ribbed body, and tapered tail that comes in 14 colors and is made of Z-Man’s durable ElaZtech plastic.

Sanders came up with the lure while fishing for trout in Florida’s Choctawhatchee Bay several years ago.

“I … had a field day,” he said. “I knew I was on to something.”

Sanders’ favorite technique for fishing a TroutTrick is to raise your rod tip with two shark jerks to bring the bait up several feet off the bottom, then allow it to fall back to the bottom while keeping in contact with the line and bait.

The technique taught by Sanders is extremely easy to master and is even printed on the product packaging itself; simply give the rod two sharp jerks to bring the lure up several feet, allow the lure to fall straight back down to the bottom, and repeat.    

Z-Man’s introduced the Trout Eye jighead to pair with the TroutTrick and other soft-plastic baits. The 3/16-ounce jighead was designed by South Carolina angler Ralph Phillips. It features an oversized 3D eyeball, a 2/0 Mustad hook and keeper barbs. Jigheads are available in four different colors.

The extra-large eyeball on the jig serves as a target for gamefish.

“Our … jighead are designed to have the biggest eye possible for a jig this size, and they just simply product,” Phillips said.

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