Several Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) across the state have been temporarily closed to vehicular traffic. Due to the historic record amounts of rainfall received across the state, roads are under water and some have suffered severe damage.

Gates on these WMAs are closed until the roads are safe for travel. Staff will be out assessing damage as soon as it safe for them to do so. Reports from some WMAs include culverts being washed out and roads being covered with fast flowing water.

Even though a gate may be closed, walk in participation for hunters who wish to hunt WMAs that are open for hunting is permissible unless there are signs prohibiting entry. We advise any users that dangerous conditions may exist that DNR cannot predict. Any use of WMAs is done at the risk of the user.

Do not drive around any gates, barricades or road closure signs as these mark areas that are unsafe for vehicle travel. Properties will be opened up to vehicles just as soon as conditions allow.

People with questions about the conditions and access available on an individual WMA can visit the DNR website at Be advised that staff at offices may not have full information until conditions improve and an inventory of damage can be completed.