Shot-shell choices for waterfowl hunters are growing every year, and it seems every hunter out there has their own opinion as to the best shells to shoot. 

Steel, bismuth, tungsten or the new HeviMetal all are options available. Prices vary widely from $10 per box for basic steal to $30 for HeviMetal. Sizes of shell and shot will also effect the price. 

Most duck hunters shoot 3-inch shells, and shot sizes ranging from No. 1 through No. 5 are popular. Trying to pick one that fits in all hunting situations all is as difficult as trying to pick out a dress for your wife. If you err are on size, err on the larger sizes. You cannot go wrong with a No. 2 shot; anything bigger is really reserved for geese. 

While some hunters want the larger 3 ½-inch shells, the punishment they mete out to your shoulder is greater than the reward of killing more ducks, in the opinion of many hunters, who believe 3-inch shells are plenty for ducks shot over decoys.