Anglers looking for livebottom, or any type of offshore structure, know how important it is to have good electronics in finding a good fishing hole. This usually consists of a good depth finder, but Capt. Robert Olson of Knot at Work Charters has another piece of electronics that he finds just as useful, if not more so. 

Once his depth finder puts him in the general location, Olson uses a color video monitor to check out the bottom and see exactly what is down there. 

“You can’t always see the fish right away, because they’ll swim away from the camera at first, but you can see the structure and make sure you are in a good spot of livebottom,” he said.

And, said Olson, the fish will settle down after a few minutes, and you’ll be able to see exactly what is biting your hook. Olson said the underwater camera system has helped his fishing, and one of the main reasons is it allows him to see what he can’t on his depth finder. 

“I can know I’m above the structure by looking at my depth finder, but I can’t pinpoint exactly what it looks like right below my boat like I can with a video monitor,” said Olson (843-442-7724).

In many cases, his video system has shown him that he needs to adjust his anchor positioning just slightly to put him over the best spot in an area. 

“If there is little or no structure where I have my camera lowered, but I can see the structure is 12 feet away, I know I just need to feed out some anchor rope, or pull some in, to put my boat right in the sweet spot,” he said. “Nothing beats a good depth finder for putting you in the general area, but without an underwater video camera, you’re just guessing about exactly what is directly under your boat.”