GPS collars have been a game changer for rabbit hunters, allowing them to know within a few feet exactly where their dogs are running.

“I have four collars that I run on my dogs, and my unit will show each collar independently,” said rabbit hunter Eric Braselton of Greenwood. A different color trail is marked on the unit to signify which dog is which.” 

By knowing where exactly his dogs are, he can identify the direction they are running and position himself for a good shot at the rabbit. 

“The best feature is that I don’t have to go looking for my dogs,” Braselton said. “I know where they are and can get to them before they cross a road, or get lost.”  

A number of manufacturers offer collars, but Garmin dominates the market with their GPS units. They are not cheap, but for the headache and the price of a god dog, they are worth their weight in gold.