Every angler has heard that keeping a log of your fishing trips will help you catch more fish. Many fishermen keep some kind of journal, but just like weight loss and exercise plans, they get bogged down with time demands and too many details, and they soon give it up.

Thanks to the Fatsack Fishing app, gone are the days of outdated fishing journals and time spent writing statistics down by hand. Forget the struggle and frustration of trying to duplicate a day on the lake you can’t quite remember. With Fatsack, the data stays with you, on your phone, making it readily available at all times.

Fatsack is the brainchild of Nick Rubio, a former member of Clemson’s bass-fishing team. 

“The Fatsack app allows you, with a push of a button and a few thumb swipes, to record your location, weather conditions, lure and tackle, fish sizes and more. It’ll store all of that data, and as your data bank grows, will analyze it for you so that you can find patterns that have worked consistently for you,” he said.

With the touch of a button, the app records all important data. A few additional swipes of the thumb allow you. Your specific analytics are stored on your phone and are available to you at all times. As more and more of your personal data is stored, the app creates graphs to display your best days on the lake. 

Fatsack Outdoors, is available for both iPhone and Android and can be downloaded for free within the app store. More information is available at fatsackoutdoors.com.