March 12 and 13 were Youth Turkey Hunting Days across South Carolina, and Ashton Boykin of Anderson County took full advantage. The 6-year-old killed his first turkey on the 12th.

Boykin was accompanied by his dad, Patrick Boykin, and cousin Tyler Sease. Boykin shot the turkey in Anderson County and gives his dad and cousin an incentive to get their own turkeys starting the Sunday, March 20.

This year’s turkey season is little longer, but hunters need to keep a few details in mind about the 2016 season. One big detail is that the season limit is three this year, with no more than two taken on a single day. Also, March 20 is the season opener on private land only. WMA lands are not open for turkey hunting until April 1.

Another big difference between hunting private lands and WMA lands is that while Sunday hunting is legal on private lands, it is not allowed on WMAs.

All turkey hunters, regardless of age, are required to have a valid set of turkey tags in their possession, and all turkeys must be tagged before removal from the point of kill. 

Once a hunter has “limited out,” or killed all three turkeys during the season, they are still allowed to call for other hunters, but they must continue to carry their tag form with them when doing so.

Legal shooting times are between 30 minutes before official sunrise to 30 minutes after official sunset. Shooting a turkey from a vehicle on a public road is illegal, as is trapping, snaring, or shooting a turkey from a watercraft.

Another youth-only day will take place on March 26 on select WMAs across the state. Click here for specific locations.