With the average goose weighting anywhere from 6 to 16 pounds, heavier loads are commonly used for Canadas compared to ducks.

Veteran hunter Robert Byrd of Lexington, S.C., recommends nothing smaller than No. 2 shot for decoying geese. If longer shots are required, increase the size to BB. Anything much bigger really limits the pattern for the longer shots. 

Many duck hunters use shotguns with modified chokes, but geese need a little more killing. Anything less than a full choke limits your killing ability.

Byrd also recommends 3-inch shells for geese. Shooting the larger, 3½-inch shells is more punishment on your shoulder than on the goose. Bird said shjooting 3-inch loads of No. 2 shot out of a full-choked 12-gauge gun is as effective as any other combination.