It’s down to the wire, and though you’ve got most of your Christmas shopping completed, you have the feeling that you’re missing that one last gift to top off the stocking for your favorite outdoorsman. Shotgun shells? Spinnerbaits? No, get them something they won’t buy themselves, and something they need more than they know. Power.

Charging power, that is. Portable charging power for their cell phone to be more precise. It’s not just a convenience issue, but a safety one as well. For anyone venturing into the wild, especially during winter, their cell phone battery could mean the difference between life and death if things go wrong. And even when the stakes aren’t that high, a portable charger, like the Cascade Powerbank from Lander, can solve plenty of problems.

Got a flat tire? A last-minute change of plans? Need help getting unstuck from the snow or muck after a duck hunt? A dead cell phone battery can stop us from doing tasks that range from conveniences to downright necessary.

And while the Powerbank can’t change your flat or pull your truck out, it will charge your phone so you can call someone who can. Available in three sizes, this handy device takes up less space than a small wallet, but it will help immensely when the need arises. With the ability to charge their phone multiple times on one fully charged Powerbank, there’s no need to conserve battery life, so hunters and anglers are free to read, check their favorite hunting and fishing apps, and use their smart phones without fear of feeling disconnected from the world.

Outdoorsmen will appreciate the Powerbank’s ability to “charge through,” which means when back at hunting camp or in their truck, they can charge the Powerbank and their cell phone at the same time by simply connecting the Powerbank to an outlet, and their phone to the Powerbank. This saves a lot of time and ensures they’ll always have a fully charged phone as well as a fully charged Powerbank.

The Powerbank can charge tablets too, and can be ordered by clicking here.