Soft plastic swimbaits have been some of the top-producing fishing lures for bass during certain months over the last several years, and more recently, saltwater anglers have caught on to their effectiveness for speckled trout, redfish, and a number of other species. But a swimbait is a swimbait is a swimbait, right? I mean, all swimbaits are pretty much the same, aren’t they?

If you’re even entertaining the thought that there might be some truth in that, then you’ve obviously not seen one of the most innovative lure makers’ introduction to this line of lures. LIVETARGET has introduced its version of the soft swimbait with seven freshwater versions and three saltwater models. And they are unlike any other swimbaits on the market.

Bass and striper anglers across the Carolinas will love the seven freshwater models, which are mock ups of seven different species of forage, all of which are available in multiple colors. And saltwater anglers have the mullet, sardine, and pinfish models to choose from. They are all strikingly realistic, and not just in their paint jobs. Each model is shaped differently from the next, and they swim like true live fish, beginning with their entry into the water.

LIVETARGET is known for creating realistic looking lures, and these are no exception. Their lifelike appearance is an eye-catcher for sure, but their similarities to the real thing don’t stop there. Neither does the innovation LIVETARGET puts into them.

But all swimbaits are shaped the same way, with an upturned hook, and a tail that vibrates a little, so how innovative can a swimbait be? One look at the included video should answer any questions about that. 

The hook guard, which helps the lure swim through debris, is one nice feature unique to LIVETARGET’s version of this popular lure. Instead of a metal or wire rod protruding from the lure, LIVETARGET does what it does best, incorporating realistic characteristics of the baitfish into their hook guards. They look real, and do their job.

And these are no common hooks. They are made specifically for each lure, balanced and weighted for stability depending on the lure they are paired with. The hooks also have an accessory eyelet, allowing anglers to add spinning blades or other hooks.

And the tail? Unlike any other swimbait out there. The oscillating tail shakes and shimmies just right to bring the lures to life, and truly sets these swimbaits apart from others. LIVETARGET doesn’t simply rely on a tail to fit every swimbait, but shapes and tunes the tail to each model.

For years, many anglers have wondered why LIVETARGET, with all the lures they make, didn’t make a swimbait. The answer is simple. They didn’t want to make just any swimbait to compete with others on tackle store shelves. They wanted to make something truly innovative. They nailed it. 

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