North Carolina's wild turkey season begins this weekend, on April 8. But for the past several years, the NCWRC has opened the season early for youth hunters. This gives the youth, who are ever so vital to the continuation of our sporting traditions, a chance to bag a gobbler before the birds feel the great amount of pressure they will feel once the open season begins.

Trent Everett took advantage of this year's youth day while hunting with his dad, Chad Everett. And the young hunter surpassed what many adult hunters ever do in their turkey hunting careers, killing a trophy turkey, which was his first mature turkey harvest.

The 10-year-old hunter's gobbler weighed 25 pounds, sported an 11-inch beard, and had 1 3/8-inch spurs. He killed the bird in Alamance County with a Remington 20 gauge youth pump.

Chad Everett said it was an exciting hunt, which began that morning when he and his son first realized the gobbler was in range. Unfortunately, a hen was keeping the big Tom company throughout the early part of the day. But they didn't let that discourage them.

"We went that morning, but he had a hen with him. Went back that evening and sealed the deal. It was a very good hunt!" said Chad Everett.

Any hunt that ends with a 25-pound turkey is a good one indeed! 

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