’s forum members have been busy posting some impressive youth turkey kills in the past week. Five in particular really stand out, including an all-white turkey.

The all-white turkey was killed south of Garland off the South River in North Carolina. The unnamed youth hunter put in his time on this bird, chasing after it for three days before finally getting the rare turkey into range. Sightings of the white gobbler had been reported for the past two years.

Nine-year-old hunter Landen Long of Summerfield, N.C. shot his first ever turkey on opening day of this year’s youth season. He killed the 21-pound bird in Guilford County with a 20 gauge Remington 870 pump youth model. The gobbler sported a 10-inch beard and 1 1/8-inch spurs.

Brunswick County, N.C. 10-year-old hunter Cameron Towery killed his first turkey last year with his shotgun, so this year he decided to try and score a big bird with his crossbow. It worked out for him, as he killed an 18 pounder on the second day of youth season with his Excalibur 335 Micro crossbow at 25 yards.

Ten-year-old Garrett Phillips was hunting with his dad in Caswell County when the youth hunter killed an 18-pound gobbler. The big bird responded to Calvin Phillips’ calling as it flew down first thing in the morning, then strutted its way to the decoys. The young hunter shot the turkey with his Winchester Super X 12 gauge.

Female youth turkey hunter Grace Silver killed her first turkey on opening morning of the 2017 youth season in western North Carolina. She stopped the gobbler in its tracks with her Muddy Girl Camo Mossberg 20 gauge. Silver’s turkey weighed over 20 pounds, had 1-inch spurs, and a 9 1/2-inch long beard.

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