Many manufactures have lured a lot of fishermen to the sales counter with paint jobs and swimming action, but none has done it better in recent years than LiveTarget lures. The major upside to their new line of swimbaits is that bass love them as much as anglers.

Scott Martin, a pro bass fisherman from Florida, describes what prompted LiveTarget to get into the swimbait market.

“These baits are anatomically correct in every way,” he said. “They look like the real thing, they swim like the real thing, and bass key on both those two things when they’re coming through the water.”

Some of the LiveTarget swimbait features that Martin favors are an extra wide-gap hook, an internal weighting system that allows the bait to fall about a foot per second, and an oscillating tail that gives the bait a natural swimming action.

Martin has some good advice for anglers fishing swimbaits and targeting aggressive bass in the shallows in late spring when baitfish species are spawning.

“I always tie my line directly to the eye of the bait: no loop knots, no swivels, no snaps,” he said. “When retrieving the bait, you want to keep the rod up, but not too high, right about the 9 or 10 o’clock position. That’s going to provide the best opportunity for a good solid hookset.”

Martin’s recommendation for swimbait tackle is a heavy action rod and a high-speed reel spooled with 12- to 15-pound fluorocarbon. That combination allows him to keep the bait up off the bottom in shallow water.