For outdoorsmen, nothing beats getting outside for a fishing or hunting trip and having everything come together like it was meant to be. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen that often for most of us. That’s what makes those incredibly good days so satisfying.

Weston English of Bennettsville, S. C. had one of those great days on the first day of May when he decided to go turkey hunting after working the night shift. He not only killed a nice gobbler within minutes of getting to the woods, but his outing also ended with three bonuses that he wasn’t expecting.

One the way out of the woods, English found three deer antler sheds, including a matching set. Now that’s a great way to top off a successful turkey hunt!

“I got off work after 7:30, hauled tail home for my gun, and headed to the woods. I heard this bird gobbling his head off as I was changing out of my work clothes into my camo. I sat down about a hundred yards from him and called twice to let him know I was there. He answered several times back to back to back. Within a few minutes, he strutted into my line of sight, gobbling every few steps,” said English.

And just that easy, English pulled the trigger on the bird.

The gobbler weighed 18 pounds, sported a 10-inch long beard that was as thick as a paintbrush, and had 1 1/4-inch spurs.

“To top it all off, I picked up three sheds on the way out, and two are a nice matched set. Thank the Lord for an awesome morning in the woods!” English said.

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