Wild game feeders have evolved over the years to the point that hunters can set them up to distribute food at precise times. But John Paul MacPherson of 704 Outdoors saw a feeder that beats that by leaps and bounds when he walked into McDonald General Store in Concord, N.C. 

MacPherson is no stranger to products that help hunters attract wild game, and he features many of them on his shows and videos, so if he’s excited enough about a new product he sees to live stream it on Facebook, you can bet it’s something to pay attention to.

The Species Specific game feeder that MacPherson noticed set up in the middle of the store is quite a piece of work. It immediately looks different than other feeders, and it looks even more different when you see what it’s capable of.

Forget the days of feeding raccoons, squirrels, crows, and even wild hogs –– unless you want to feed those species, that is. The Species Specific feeder allows you to set it up to feed whatever animals you desire. You can feed as few or as many species as you’d like.

You program the feeder with your smartphone to open its troughs up when one of your desired animals walks into view of the feeder. If you only want it to open for only deer, it will open for only deer, then close within seconds of the deer disappearing from the feeder’s view. Hogs can root around it relentlessly, and raccoons can climb all over it, but it’s not going to open its troughs unless the feeder is programmed to.

These feeders also have game cameras, so you can monitor the number and quality of animals in your area.

Check out MacPherson’s video as he gets a demonstration on the Species Specific feeder from the staff at McDonald General Store, and make sure to subscribe to 704 Outdoors. Click here to find out more about the Species Specific game feeder, which was originally designed to help control the feral pig population by distributing toxins to only wild hogs for the USDA.