It’s a real feat to lure a mature buck onto a property, but it is an ultimate accomplishment to get the buck bagged, tagged, and on the way to the taxidermist.

But conditions aren’t always optimum when he shows up. Mother Nature often decides when the time is right, not the hunter. But hunters need to take advantage of promising situations and hunt as long as possible with the right equipment.

Some stands that hunters erect are perfect for most of the prevailing winds, and other stands are set up for winds from the opposite direction. When a hunter is in a good situation, he needs to be on stand as long as possible, because bucks may frequent an area several times during the day.

T.C. Lloyd of Hartsville, S.C., is a firm believer in long hours in the stand, but he will make sure to come fully equipped with a set of high quality optics in his possession. And for Lloyd, a good pair of high-quality binoculars and scope are required equipment in his deer stand.  

“I have killed most of my big bucks right during the last few minutes of legal shooting time,” Lloyd said, “but I couldn’t do it without my high quality optics.”

Lloyd uses 10x50 Leopold binoculars and a Trijicon 56mm scope when he hunts. He uses the binoculars to watch travel lanes and switches to his rifle scope when a buck shows up. By using the large-diameter binoculars, he can see well until the last few minutes of shooting light when it counts the most. And since the Trijicon scopes have lighted reticle, he’s one step closer to putting the crosshairs on the engine room of a buck of a lifetime.