Not all fishing lights are made for gigging, and not all gigging lights are made for use in a boat.

After the sun goes down, baitfish are attracted to any light source they can find. And where the baitfish go, so go the gamefish, so using artificial lights is a good way to catch fish in the dark. Artificial lights are also a good way for anglers to illuminate the sea floor, giving them a look at the creatures they couldn’t see with the naked eye.

Gigging is a popular activity that involves using lights, but it’s not the only purpose that fishing lights fill. Some lights can be submerged around docks and plugged into a standard 110 volt outlet. So folks with property on the water can make their docks into night fishing platforms.

Hydro Glow is one company that offers these types of lights. Their “Off the Dock” series of lights include lights that are mounted within the water column, lights that sit above the water’s surface, and some that are anchored to the bottom. 

Their DS60 is an underwater light that can be temporarily or permanently mounted. It works best when mounted a few feet below the water’s surface. It includes a 20 foot cord, waterproof design, and an array of high output LEDs. This light illuminates the water horizontally and vertically, and its brightness can reach up to 25 feet in clear water conditions.

The FL-30 is one of Hydro Glow’s above the water lights. Its LEDs have a more focused beam, and is best for docks high off the water, or where the water is stained or not very clear. The focused light beam gives the FL-30 greater depth penetration. Like the DS60, it comes with a 20 foot cord.

The SF100B is one of Hydro Glow’s lights designed to be anchored on the bottom. They include a 50 foot cord. This energy efficient model uses blue LEDs and has a 120 volt to 24 volt power supply that requires no special wiring. It plugs into a regular 110 volt outlet.

Hydro Glow has several models for boat fishing as well. These give anglers the ability to draw in fish no matter where they go on the water. The HG3108 is their most versatile model. The 24-inch long light can be deployed right off the side of the boat and is best for use in 5 to 20 foot depths. It draws a minuscule one amp, and puts out 2000 lumens with its 324 high output LEDs. And don’t worry about destroying the light –– it’s virtually unbreakable.

Hydro Glow also has plenty of gigging lights to choose from. The BF30 and BF50 models can both be used above the water or submerged, and they both give off a crisp white light when running off of a 12 volt battery with the included cords and clips. These are great for gigging off a boat.

But not everyone has a dock, and not everyone has a boat. Hydro Glow has these unfortunate souls covered as well, with two lights that are made for gigging while wading. Their two models, the 5W and the 10W, each use four AA batteries, and if you think it’s not possible for such a small power source to put out the brightness needed to spot a flounder in the dark, you obviously haven’t seen these in action. The staff’s are lightweight and comfortable to hold, and feature sealed push buttons on the very ends that are easy to operate. The included shoulder straps allow you to go hands-free when necessary.

Click here to get a more in-depth look at all of Hydro Glow’s lights and find the ones that suit your style of fishing or gigging, and watch the attached video of Hydro Glow's Darrell Keith as he talks about a few of their products.