North Carolina has over two million acres of public game land available to outdoorsmen, and every hunting season, hunters flock to these areas for whatever species are in season. Deer, predictably, are one of the more popular game animals hunted on these lands.

But which public game lands are the best in terms of numbers of deer typically killed in a season? During the 2016-17 deer hunting season, a total of 4975 deer were harvested on all North Carolina public lands. Pisgah was number one in total number of deer killed with 531. But Pisgah hunters didn’t kill the most bucks.

Pisgah’s hunters killed 416 antlered bucks along with 12 button bucks and 103 does.

Nantahala Game Land hunters downed a total of 510 deer, including the most antlered bucks (436), 68 button bucks, and 68 does.

The next closest game land is Croatan, where hunters killed a total of 411 deer, including 196 antlered bucks, 38 button bucks, and 177 does.

Hunters at Jordan Game Land killed a total of 341 deer, and they killed more does (165) than antlered bucks (151). Twenty-five button bucks were also killed here.

Uwharrie is the next most productive public game land, with a total of 332 deer being harvested last season. Hunters here killed 195 antlered bucks, 21 button bucks, and 116 does.

Butner-Falls of Neuse hunters killed a total of 298 deer, including 180 antlered bucks, 22 button bucks, and 96 does.

The numbers drop sharply for the next game land. On Alcoa, hunters killed 181 total deer, including 74 antlered bucks, 15 button bucks, and 92 does.

More button bucks were killed at Croatan (38) than any other game land. The most does (177) were also killed there.

For total on all of North Carolina’s public game lands for the 2016-17 season, click here.

On public and private lands combined, North Carolina’s hunters killed a total of 76,206 antlered bucks, 8952 button bucks, and 64,653 does, for a total harvest of 149,811.