If you attended any of the boat show seminars throughout North Carolina in the past several years, or ever stopped by Wildlife Bait and Tackle, hired him as a guide, or just bumped into him on the water, Capt. Jimmy Price no doubt had an impact on the way you fished, especially for flounder.

Price passed away over the weekend, prompting the following statement from his fellow fishing legend and long-time friend, George Poveromo:

"When it rains, it pours (pun unfortunately intended). I just learned of the passing of Captain Jimmy Price, a friend and iconic figure in saltwater fishing. 

Long heralded as 'North Carolina's #1 Trophy Flounder Authority,' a title he was extremely proud of, Jimmy was a great person and one of the most humorous figures in our industry. He was a major fixture for decades at the Salt Water Sportsman National Seminar Series, where he shared his expertise on catching flounder, trout and redfish, all while infusing his eccentric sense of humor. 

His showmanship was so unique, he'd put audiences in hysterics. People would drive great distances, even from other states, to see him on stage. If you were fortunate enough to have seen him at one of our seminars, a boat show, or had known him, you are that much richer.

Our industry lost a good one this morning. RIP Jimmy Price, North Carolina's #1 Trophy Flounder Authority." -- George Poveromo